60 GHz mm-Wave Wireless Module with High-Gain Phased Array Antenna

60 GHz mm-Wave Wireless Module with High-Gain Phased Array Antenna

Fujikura has started shipping a 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communications Module that uses a High-gain phased array antenna which realizes high-speed wireless communication in the 60 GHz frequency band. Their compact design combines a baseband wireless modem with an RF front end and antenna.

This module is based on the IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) standard and provides features such as high-power transmission output, scalable channel bandwidth and high-order modulation support. It employs low loss LCP circuit board material and a board layout design that optimizes RF-IC performance for even higher output. This allows it to achieve world-class long-distance transmissions.

Key Specifications of the Module
Frequency Band
57 - 71 GHz (CH1-CH6)
40 dBm
Horizontal Beam Forming Angle
±45 deg
PCIe Gen2 x2 lane

The module can be used in communications networks embedded in backhaul equipment, access points (AP), customer premises equipment (CPE), V2X equipment, etc.

Beam Forming Characteristics

Various applications, including video transmission and things like games utilizing VR/AR, are spreading broadly through society. High speed, high capacity communications are required to keep up, but the Sub 6 GHz frequency bands used by 4G are too narrow to accommodate such demands.

Fujikura developed wireless communication modules utilizing the millimeter-wave frequency band capable of providing broad bandwidth to solve this issue. This bandwidth with millimeter-wave drastically increases the communication speed to enable gigabit-class high-speed communication. However, the millimeter-wave band is susceptible to large transmission losses due to wiring in the device. Therefore, the wiring between the RF-IC and antenna must be as short as possible in order to maximize the benefits of the millimeter-wave wireless communications module. 

Fujikura selected low loss materials for the circuit board and modularized the RF-IC and antenna. which allows achieving world-class communications speeds (over 2 Gbps) and long-distance transmission (over 500 m), simultaneously. The company’s advanced antenna design and electromagnetic field analysis technologies led them to develop a 4 x16-element phased array antenna. It achieves not only stable wide-angle ±45 degree automatic beamforming but at the same time outstanding wide bandwidth that fully covers the 57 to 71 GHz frequency band.

Fujikura will be demonstrating this module at Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona from February 24-27. 

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