Nordic to Host Interactive Web Conference as a Result of Cancelled MWC Event

Nordic to Host Interactive Web Conference as a Result of Cancelled MWC Event

With the MWC Barcelona 2020 event being cancelled by the GSMA, Nordic Semiconductor has announced that they will be conducting what they are calling 'Nordic Web Conference (NWC)' as a replacement for the MWC event. Taking place on the same dates, i.e Feb 24-27, the NWC will be a series of webinars giving customers an interactive experience of what Nordic was planning to show and talk about at MWC Barcelona.

NWC Schedule & Program:


Cellular IoT Development on Thingy:91

The highly integrated nRF9160 SiP makes low-power cellular single chip solutions a reality. It brings LTE-M, NB-IoT, GPS and a powerful application processor into a tiny form factor. With the Nordic Thingy:91 battery-operated prototyping platform for cellular IoT, Nordic is enabling a world of everything connected. Click here to register.

  • Presenter: Joakim Tonnesen, Technical Product Manager, Cellular IoT
  • Giveaway: Nordic Thingy:91


Meet nRF5340, the Next Generation in IoT

The nRF5340 is the world’s first wireless SoC with two Arm Cortex-M33 processors. It is truly secure, and the combination of two flexible processors, the advanced feature set, and an operating temperature up to 105°C, makes it the ideal choice for professional lighting, advanced wearables, and other complex IoT applications. Click here to register

  • Presenter: Petter Myhre, Product Marketing Manager
  • Giveaway: nRF5340 Preview Development Kit


Exciting New nRF9160 Features in nRF Connect SDK v1.2

nRF Connect SDK is where you begin building cellular IoT and short-range wireless applications. It supports LTE-M/NB-IoT/GPS application software development on the nRF9160 SiP, using the nRF9160 DK or Nordic Thingy:91. Click here to register

  • Presenter: Peder Rand, Product Manager, Cellular IoT
  • Giveaway: nRF9160 Development Kit


Demos Missed at MWC 2020

Nordic was set to showcase varied demos of its solutions at the MWC. These demos include asset tracking using LTE-M and GPS, Doom game play on its newest dual core SoC the nRF5340, Zigbee and Thread smart home, Bluetooth Low Energy features and a special appearance demo by direction finding experts Quuppa. Videos will be now available on Thursday February 27 at 2:00 PM CET.

Nordic Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that develops ultra-low power wireless SoCs (System on a chip) and connectivity devices in the sub 2.4 GHz ISM band.

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