What are BMMA Connectors?

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Apr 21, 2024

BMMA Connectors are sub-miniature versions of blind-mate coaxial connectors (BMA). They are 25% smaller than BMA connectors while offering excellent electrical characteristics. Owing to their reduced size relative to BMA, BMMA connectors are suitable for applications where space is constrained and in rack-and-panel systems where are larger number of connectors are required. These connectors are also blind-mate (or push-on) types, which means that they can simply be connected to another connector by sliding, snapping, or spring-loading without requiring torque wrenches or other tools to make a tight connection.

BBMA connectors are designed to operate at high frequencies of up to 28 GHz. They are available in different geometries such as straight and right angle and with multiple termination options including PCB and push-on. BMMA configurations that are supported include bulkhead feedthrough cable Jacks and Plugs, float mounting, direct solder Jacks, panel-mount field-replaceable plugs, and threaded field-replaceable Plugs. The float mount option in particular allows for axial or radial misalignment while making the connection by using a spring mechanism that separates the connector from the module to ensure blind-mating. This makes them useful for installations that are more prone to high vibrations.

BBMA connectors have a center contact pin that is usually made from a Brass, Beryllium Copper or Gold material, a Beryllium Copper body, and Teflon / polytetrafluoroethyelene (PTFE) insulator. 

BMMA connectors are designed such that they can be interchanged with BMMA connectors from different manufacturers, thereby ensuring interoperability during mating action and making them ideal for RF testing applications in space-restricted platforms. The ability of these connectors to enable blind-mating facilitates easy rapid assembly and testing operations of complex RF systems and microwave modules. They can also be designed to withstand harsh radiation and electric field effects in military environments to maintain stable electrical performance. They have a dielectric withstanding voltage of 675 V (RMS) and a VSWR of less than 1.05:1.

Key Features of BMMA Connectors

  • Sub-miniature connectors
  • Frequency range up to 28 GHz
  • Blind-mate/push-on design
  • Low-profile design
  • Hermetically-sealed versions are available upon request
  • 25% smaller in size than BMA connectors
  • Compatible with OSSP connector interface
  • Misalignment tolerance of up to 0.020 inches (radially) and 0.060 inches (axially)

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