What is TNC Connector?

What are TNC Connectors? What are their properties?

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Jan 9, 2022

TNC Connectors or Threaded Neill Concelman connectors are 50 Ohm RF Coaxial connectors that operate up to 11 GHz. These connectors are similar to BNC connectors, but they have a screw-type coupling mechanism that ensures uniform contact thereby minimizing reflections and attenuation. TNC connectors are widely used in antennas, avionics, defense, communications, and general industrial markets.






TNC Connector Gender & Mechanical Specifications:

TNC Male/Plug Connectors: In a TNC male connector, the center pin is surrounded by a barrel with threads on the inside. TNC male connectors are also known as TNC Plug connectors. They have a diameter of 0.590 in (15.0 mm) and have a hex nut that can be used to tighten or loosen a connection with a torque wrench.

TNC Female/ Jack Connectors: In TNC female connectors, the center sleeve is surrounded by a barrel with threads on the outside. TNC female connectors are also called TNC Jack connectors. The connector has an outer thread length of 0.378 in (9.6 mm).

Reverse Polarity TNC Connectors

Reverse Polarity TNC Connectors or RP-TNC are a variation of regular TNC Connector with the gender-interfaced reversed. So, an RP-TNC Female connector will have the same external housing as a standard TNC female connector, with the threads on the outside, however, the center receptacle will be replaced by a male pin. 

Similarly, RP-TNC Male connectors will have the threads on the inside, but the center male pin will be replaced with a receptacle.

TNC Connector Geometry

TNC Connectors and most other RF connectors are available as straight TNC connectors or right angle TNC connectors. The geometry of the connector is based on the circuit configuration. The image below shows the two TNC connector geometries.

TNC Connector Mounting Options

A variety of TNC connector mounting options is available in the market. A TNC connector should be chosen depending upon the circuit configuration and compatibility. The most used mounting options are Bulkhead, Flange (4-hole, 2-hole), PCB, and Panel with other mounting options also given such as:

  • Rear Mount
  • Front Mount
  • Surface Mount
  • Edge Mount
  • Thread-in
  • Screw-in 
  • End Launch

TNC Connector Dielectric

The dielectric media separating the inner and outer conductors in a connector is primarily responsible for signal attenuation, insulation, and impedance of the connector. Air would be the ideal insulator; however, we need some sort of material that will hold the center pin of the connector in place. TNC connectors usually use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), or Teflon dielectric along the mating plane.

TNC Connector Body: TNC connectors usually have a Brass or Stainless-Steel body. The Brass usually has a Nickel or Gold finish.

TNC Connector Center Contact: The center contact/pin of a TNC connector is usually made of Beryllium Copper.

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