Comparing GaN Substrates

This articles compared the three different GaN Substrates - GaN on SiC vs GaN on Si vs GaN on Diamond.

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Jun 16, 2020

Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor technology used for high power, high-frequency semiconductor applications. Gallium Nitride exhibits several characteristics that make it better than GaAs and Silicon for various high power components. These characteristics include a higher breakdown voltage and better electrical resistivity.

There are three main substrates that are used with GaN - Silicon Carbide (SiC), Silicon (Si) and Diamond. GaN on SiC is the most common of the three and has been used in various applications in the Military and for High Power Wireless Infrastructure Applications. GaN on Si is a newer substrate whose performance is not as good as SiC but it is more economical. GaN on Diamond is the best performing, however since it is new and relatively expensive, applications, where this has been used, are limited. We have compared all three GaN Substrates in the table below.

GaN on Si vs GaN on SiC vs GaN on Diamond

GaN on Si
GaN on SiC
GaN on Diamond
Thermal Conductivity
135-150 W/m-K
390-450 W/m-K
1600-2000 W/m-K
Electrical Resistivity
~2.3 x 105 (Ω-cm)
~104 to 106 (Ω-cm)
~1013 to 1016 (Ω-cm)
Young’s Modulus
~390 - 700
Wafer Diameter
Up to 150 mm