LoRa Frequency in Russia

What frequency bands are used for LoRa in Russia?

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Jan 16, 2020

In Russia, the LoRa Alliance has allocated the frequency range from 864 to 869.2 MHz for LoRa technology. The end devices in RU864-870 band operate from 864 to 869.2 MHz and use a channel data structure to support at least 8 channels.

The network channels in the RU864-870 band can be freely attributed by the network operator in accordance with the sub-bands defined by the Russian regulation. However, the two default channels; 868.9 and 869.1 MHz, must be implemented in every RU864-870 MHz end-device. These default channels cannot be modified through the NewChannelReq command and guarantee a minimal common channel set between end devices and network gateways.

By default, the Maximum EIRP should be +16 dBm. If the end-device cannot achieve +16 dBm, then the Maximum EIRP should be communicated to the network server using an out-of-band channel during the end-device commissioning process.