LoRa Frequency Band in India

What is the designated frequency band for LoRa in India?

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May 22, 2019

The frequency band for LoRa Technology in India is 865 MHz to 867 MHz. This frequency range has been specified on the website of the LoRa Alliance.

When we tried to find the official stance of India on this frequency band, we found a document published in 2005 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in India designating the 865 MHz to 867 MHz as a license-free band for the use of low power equipment (Specifically for RFID Devices).

In Europe, 863 to 870 MHz is license-free, so most LoRa Devices use the 868 MHz Band. So many off-the-shelf LoRa modules/products use this whole frequency range. In India, it is important not to use channels that use the 868 MHz Frequency.

Click here to see a list of LoRa modules from the leading companies. Those LoRa Modules that can operate from 865 to 867 MHz can be used in India.