What is a Receiver Multicoupler?

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Feb 19, 2019

A Receiver Multicoupler is used to connect multiple radio receivers to a single antenna. It splits a single input signal that it receives from the antenna into multiple signals with high port-to-port isolation. A typical multicoupler consists of band pass filters, a Low Noise Amplifier and a power divider. It is an important part of a telecommunication system.

There are two types of receiver multicouplers:

Passive Multicouplers: Passive multicouplers always have losses depending on the insertion loss of the filter and power divider used.

Active Multicouplers: Active multicouplers use an LNA at the input to amplify the signal which then compensates for any signal losses after filtration and splitting.

Most receiver multicoupler requirements are custom and are developed by the companies based on a customers requirement. Here is a list of manufacturers who make receiver multicouplers.

We have also created a list of standard receiver multicoupler products and made them searchable by specification. Click here to find receiver multicouplers from the leading manufacturers.