RF Filter Manufacturer, Bree Engineering Gears Up for 5G

Aug 9, 2018

5G technology is all about opening a world of new ideas. With any new technology and its subsequent rollout, it’s never just as simple as just flipping a switch. At Bree Engineering we understand that, which is why we’ve been working hard to gear up for 5G.

We know that just as with 3G and 4G technology, the RF path is crucial if 5G is going to deliver the speeds promised – which is projected to be up to 10 times more data than the current 4G technology. One of the biggest tasks with 5G is creating a way to fit all these big ideas into very small spaces, and that’s where Bree Engineering fits in.

The Vision of 5G

As designers and producers of RF filters, we recognize 5G is essentially a marketing term for the wireless industry. What it boils down to for us is the huge demand 5G places on a network and how to make it all fit together to deliver on its promises.

We understand the push-and-pull of the 5G market – that low-cost devices and an increase in the number of connected devices conflicts with ultra-high reliability and increased data rates. In fact, it’s aggressive to expect a 5G target latency of less and one millisecond on a cloud service with communication between the wireless device, access network, and core network. But that’s a challenge we are ready to take on by recognizing what must be overcome to achieve it.

Making 5G a Reality

One of the most exciting things about innovation is that out of it new technology is born. When it comes to 5G, the number of filters, as well as the challenge of increasing filtering requirements, will make RF filtering the pain point at the RF front-end. Luckily, the basic outline to bring this technology to fruition is clear, including:

  • Complex multiplexing
  • Increasing integration
  • Increasing the number of filters
  • Demanding specifications for power handling, loss, and isolation
  • Frequencies higher than 6 GHz

All this plainly shows that 5G is extremely complex, but our goal is to design RF filters that are simple while also working to minimize and reduce the components. The filters we produce will optimize power performance, be optimal in a variety of temperatures, and have improved yield at a lower cost.

The Role of the RF Filter in 5G

In the world of 5G, the RF filter will be significant. Currently, RF front-end separates the frequencies into low-band, mid-band, and high band, which separates the RF components, optimizes the power amplifier-filter-switch-path, and minimizes cross-talk. As things grow more complex with 5G, the intricacy of the RF front-end will only increase. We must incorporate link robustness with increased downlink data rates.

Moving forward, the onus is on us to create technology that helps to reduce complexity, improve performance, and reduce cost. As we said, it’s a challenge, but one we’re more than ready to meet.

The future is now and at Bree Engineering we want to have a front-row seat.


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