What are 2.92mm (K) Connectors?

What are 2.92mm or K Connectors?

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Mar 8, 2019

2.92mm (K) Connectors are RF/Microwave coaxial connectors that operate mode-free up to 40 GHz. These connectors are compatible to mate with SMA and 3.5mm connectors. The 2.92mm connectors were originally introduced by Mario Maury in 1974 and then re-introduced by Wiltron in 1984 as the K connector. These connectors are standardized as per IEC 61169-35, and are ideal for high-frequency module and T&M applications.

Key Specifications of 2.92mm / K Connectors:

  • Frequency Range: Mode Free Through 40 GHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Dielectric: Air
  • RF Leakage: Typically less than -100 dB
  • Mating Torque: 7 - 10 in - lbs
  • Temperature: -55° C to +135° C
  • Outer Conductor Inner Diameter: 2.92 mm
  • Inter-mate ability: SMA, 3.5mm

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