What is GPS IIIF?

What is GPS IIIF or GPS III Follow-On?

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Apr 14, 2023

GPS IIIF satellites (Block IIIF series) are the second set of GPS III satellites, which will consist of up to 22 space vehicles. The launch of Block IIIF satellites is expected to begin no earlier than 2026 and continue through 2034. Under the present agreement, currently, Lockheed Martin has won the contract for up to 22 additional GPS IIIF satellites, starting with GPS IIIF SV11.  There is the potential to add even more GPS satellites to the GPS III Follow On (GPS IIIF) program.

The GPS IIIF satellites will feature the following: 

• GPSIIIF has a New Regional Military Protection capability that will provide/offer up to 60x greater anti-jamming in the theater, ensuring U.S. and allied forces can access GPS service in hostile environments.

• An accuracy-enhancing laser retroreflector array, allows the positioning of on-orbit satellites precisely. It enhances the positioning signals they generate.

• Fully Digital Navigation Payload, allows for more future feature flexibility, enhances resiliency, and increases payload producibility.

• A new search and rescue payload

• The upcoming GPS IIIF SV13 and subsequent satellites will incorporate the company’s LM2100 Combat Bus™, an enhanced space vehicle. The LM2100 offers even greater resiliency and cyber-hardening against growing threats and also provides other benefits such as improved spacecraft power, propulsion, and electronics.

• The LM2100 Combat Bus vehicles also have the capability of hosting Lockheed Martin’s Augmentation System Port Interface (ASPIN). It would help future on-orbit servicing and upgrade opportunities.

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