What is LTE Cat NB1?

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LTE Cat NB1 (LTE Category NB1) is a category that defines the performance and specifications – such as data rate, power consumption, type of modulation, bandwidth, etc. – of LTE Cat NB1 user equipment (UE). It supports a data rate of up to 26 Kbit/s on the downlink and 66 Kbit/s on the uplink with a bandwidth of 180 KHz and requires one Tx/Rx antenna. LTE Cat NB1 has latency from 1.6 to 10 ms, supports half-duplex operation, and PSM and eDRX power-saving modes. LTE Cat NB1 or Cat NB1 UEs are devices that use NB-IoT cellular technology to access the network and internet. 

Key Specifications of LTE Category NB1 UE



3GPP Release


Downlink Peak Data Rate

1 Mbit/s

Uplink Peak Data Rate

1 Mbit/s 

Maximum system Bandwidth

20 MHz

Device Transmit Power

23 dBm

Transmission Mode

Half Duplex

Number of antenna(s)

Power saving mode


Number of Downlink MIMO Layers



Understanding NB-IOT (Narrowband-IoT) Technology

NB-IoT (Narrowband-IoT) technology is a wireless, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) wireless technology for IoT applications. This technology utilizes existing LTE cellular infrastructure and licensed spectrum to connect IoT devices to the internet. It is a low-power, narrowband technology that can support small packets of infrequent 2-way data communication efficiently, securely, and reliably. NB-IOT technology mainly focuses on indoor coverage, low cost, extending battery life, and high connection density.

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