What is MulteFire Technology?

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Raghav Kapur - everything RF

Sep 27, 2017

Multefire is a technology that allows simple deployment of LTE in the unlicensed or shared spectrum. It can be easily deployed by operators, cable companies, ISPs, building owners and enterprises just like Wi-Fi. This technology supports voice and data, either independently as a private network and can work with existing mobile networks to provide secure, seamless service. Multefire technology is based on 3GPP Releases 13 and 14 for Licensed Assisted Access (LAA/eLAA). It needs no approval or allocated spectrum for deployment. Multiple multefire networks can co-exist or overlap and it can even co-exist with other Wireless/Wi-Fi networks. 

Nokia and Qualcomm are two founding members of Multefire Technology. In December 2015, the MulteFire Alliance was formed. An international association open to new members dedicated to promoting a global ecosystem for MulteFire. The MulteFire Alliance will also develop global technical specifications for MulteFire and establish a product certification program.