What is LTE Broadcast?

What is LTE Broadcast, eMBMS, and LTE Multicast?
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Oct 7, 2018

LTE Broadcast technology (also known as eMBMS, and LTE Multicast) is a ‘one-to-many’ broadcast technique used to distribute the same content to many users simultaneously on an LTE network. It is based on 3GPP’s evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) standard based, the global standard for video broadcast on mobile networks.

LTE Broadcast is compatible with current and future LTE-based mobile networks. In this technology, a portion of the wireless networks is allocated to an operator, allowing them to host/broadcast specific content as a single stream of data to all users in a particular area, with the ability to support unlimited number of users simultaneously. Any user with a compatible device can simultaneously access the same content with much better guaranteed user experience, as they are no longer battling with others for bandwidth to access the content.

LTE Broadcast was commercially launched in Jan 2014 by South Korea’s KT Corp, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors integrated with Qualcomm Gobi modems.

LTE broadcast allows operators to deliver high data volume services, mission-critical communication and device update/configuration in a single broadcast session; enabling multiple users to receive the same content simultaneously. This technology opens new business opportunities for operators such as smartphone OS/software updates, breaking news, delivery of e-media, music/audio broadcasting, and even public safety applications.