Mayflower Communications

  • United States
  • +1 (781) 359-9500
  • (781) 359-9744
  • 11 Oak Park Drive, Bedford, MA 01730

Company Overview

Mayflower Communications is a technology and innovation leader specializing in small Size, Weight, and Power Global Positioning System (GPS) products and technologies. The company provides operationally proven Digital Anti-Jam Systems and is at the forefront of Military SAASM and MGUE GPS Receiver development and production.

Mayflower is the only US-owned supplier of the Small Antenna System (SAS) and the Multi-Platform Anti-Jam GPS Navigation Antenna (MAGNA).  Mayflower is designated by the US Space Command as an “Authorized SAASM P(Y) Code GPS Receiver Developer and Producer” – one of the seven companies to be recognized. Mayflower is also a “MGUE Developer” – one of only 4 companies and the only small business capable to receive this designation.

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