Energous Corporation

  • United States
  • +1 (408) 963-0200
  • 3590 N 1st Street, Suite 210 San Jose CA, 95134, USA

Company Overview

Energous is a global leader in the advancement of wireless charging technology. Their award-winning WattUp® technology is the only solution that supports both near-field and at-a-distance charging. Energous develops RF-based wireless power transfer technologies and customizable reference designs and provides worldwide regulatory assistance, a reliable supply chain, quality assurance, and sales and technical support to customers around the world.

Energous is a member of the AirFuel Alliance, the leading global authority on wireless power technology and standards. The goal of Energous is to power everything from the critical tools and devices that keep factories running to the instruments and wearables that monitor patient health – wirelessly.

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