Energous' Technology for Active Energy Harvesting Gets Approval in Japan

Energous' Technology for Active Energy Harvesting Gets Approval in Japan

Energous announced that its 1W PowerBridge certification has been approved by Japan’s regulatory body for unlimited power distance transmission. This approval enables Energous to deploy its active energy harvesting technology throughout the technologically advanced Japanese market in smart home, industrial, retail, healthcare IoT applications such as real-time asset tracking and digital supply chain management with no distance limitations.

Energous’ regulatory approval in Japan is the latest milestone in a series of major market approvals for 1Watt PowerBridge, with similar certifications previously having been obtained in South Korea, China, the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Energous commends the Japanese government’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) as well as our industry partners at the Broadband Wireless Forum (BWF) for their substantial leadership in developing these new regulations. The joint effort between government and industry allows these next generation wireless power network devices to be safely deployed in rapidly expanding new markets.

“This regulatory approval in Japan is a major accomplishment that aligns with our overall business strategy that reinforces our position as a global leader in active energy harvesting technology,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “This approval enables our Japanese businesses partners to harness the reliable power of Energous’ RF-based wireless energy harvesting as we work to open the market to multiple opportunities.”

According to Statista Research Department, the Japanese IoT market is expected to reach more than 9.1 trillion yen by 2026 ($69 billion USD), increasing by more than 40% in just five years. This rapid projected growth of devices will require reliable and consistent power to function properly. The current power methods of replaceable batteries and charging cables are unreliable and unsustainable while presenting logistical problems and hidden costs for IT teams, especially those managing large-scale IoT deployments.

Energous’ PowerBridges are capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously at-a-distance via RF-based wireless power over the air, enabling manufacturers to design cordless, batteryless and fully waterproof sensors, smart tags, asset trackers and other IoT applications that can be deployed in smart home, industrial, retail, and healthcare markets. They can send power to, and act as a data link for, connected IoT devices. These devices will demand reliable power to function, however most are currently fueled by batteries, which don’t all lose power at the same time, or by cumbersome charging cables and cords that present logistical nightmares and hidden costs to IT teams and large-scale IoT deployments.

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