Aethertek Technology

  • Taiwan
  • +886-2-2658-2068
  • +886-2-2658-2098
  • 9F, No. 607, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan

Company Overview

Aethertek Technology is currently a leading solution provider of consumer electronics and automotive electronics testing in Taiwan. The company is committed to the board-level testing & integration services and sales of 5G millimeter wave products. Aethertek plays a crucial role in the 5G supply chain and has become a major supplier of 5G millimeter wave Antenna-in-Module. They are one of the few domestic suppliers that design and develop 5G millimeter wave products.

Aethertek’s competitive advantage is to efficiently provide customers with fast and convenient services, develop long-term relationships with vendors and customers, as well as actively add value for customers. They have established a leading position in consumer electronic product testing with their technical capabilities and services.

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