Wenzel Associates

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  • +1 (512) 835-2038
  • +1 (512) 719-4086
  • Wenzel Associates, Inc. 2215 Kramer Lane, Austin, Texas, 78758, United States

Company Overview

Wenzel Associates designs and manufactures crystal oscillators, fixed frequency systems, integrated microwave assemblies and synthesizers to X-band. They produce over 15,000 oscillators per year for commercial markets. Their precise, low noise signals are used in up/down converters, frequency counters and cellular base stations and Wenzel’s oscillators are the internal references in most commercially available phase noise measurement test sets.

Approximately two thirds of Wenzel’s products are Hi-Rel parts, built for radar systems, military radios and space applications. They build master oscillators for airborne, UAV, and shipboard navigation, surveillance and communication systems. Multiple frequency, rack-mounted sources and synthesizers outfit testing labs and are part of the US missile defense system.

Wenzel Associates has a 52,000 square foot facility in Austin, Texas that houses engineering, test, marketing and production. Shock, vibration, temperature, thermal-shock, altitude and thermo-vacuum testing are available in-house.