Interview with Jim Morgan from SemiGen, Inc.

  • Jim Morgan - CEO & Founder at SemiGen, Inc.

everything RF Interviewed Jim Morgan, CEO & Founder at SemiGen, Inc., a full-service RF/microwave solutions company that provides the manufacturing services, components, and other products needed to fill the voids in your supply chain and manufacturing department.

Q. Can you give us a brief history of Semigen?

SemiGen was started in 2009 after I sold MicroMetrics to Aeroflex. I saw an opportunity and a vision to build what today is a full-service microwave solutions company to help the market handle multiple facets of the manufacturing process of their parts.

SemiGen was founded as a contract manufacturing and test company that specializes in RF microwave design, assembly and test, PCB assembly and RF microwave module design and repair services. We added the RF Supply Center to the company in 2012 which manufactures semiconductor diodes and passive devices and the value added resale of conductive epoxies, non conductive epoxy, sheet epoxy and bonding supplies like gold wire and ribbon from select US manufacturers.

Q. What Services does Semigen provide?

SemiGen provides many services and products all related to RF Microwave Modules and Sub Systems. We can handle the very basic to the very complex of the assembly, test, component selection and environmental screening of modules. Now with our recent acquisition of Ion Beam Milling, we can also provide the Thin Film products contained in many of these designs.

Q. What service area has been growing the most? What do you feel is driving the growth in this segment?

Our RF Microwave Assembly is our strongest growing line along with products and services that are value added to this. The past reduction in the work force and the problems with replacing the aging workforce in many cases drives customers to us for help as they cannot staff their own factories.

Q. What differentiates Semigen from their competitors or other companies offering similar services?

To my knowledge, SemiGen stands alone in the number of services and products we offer our marketplace. Our service, quality, and flexibility allow us to be an extension of our customers manufacturing floors. Our partners are our customers and by sharing multiple capabilities of RF Module design/builds we help our customers meet the delivery demands of today.

Q. In terms of product sales, are your product sold to those customers who are using your assembly/manufacturing services or do you sell your products to companies under the Semigen brand?

We do both. We sell diodes and capacitors to customers that turn around and have us build these into their modules or we just build the modules. Our flexibility in services and product depth along with our staff of experienced engineers and designers give us the needed resources to provide all of this on time and with the utmost quality.

Q. What synergies do you see from offering both Products and Services?

Full Service means just that and having key products that can be combined into our customer's designs mutually improves our customers and our gross margins. Squeezing out as much gross margin today as possible is vital in meeting the goals of many of our customers. Reducing costs improving yield and capitalizing on efficiencies builds our customers bottom lines and develops long-lasting relationships.

Q. In 2017 you re-located your facility to a much larger one in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Can you tell us more about your facility and how it has helped your business expand?

The building we moved into in 2017 I have owned since 1995. When my previous company was sold in 2007 I provided a 10-year lease to the buyer who moved out in January of 2017. After 3.5 million in upgrades over the ten year period and another 300,000 last year we have a 43,000SQFT brand new facility which can absorb the growth planned over the next 5 years easily. Being able to scale quickly assures our customers of our ability to respond and react to program needs. This is key in having a vision and plan for growth and allows us to manage the 30 to 40 percent annual growth organically we are seeing.

Q. What is your vision for SemiGen?

My vision for the company is to continue to evolve and to be a full-service provider by expanding our products and services around the RF Microwave Market. I feel the value for a good manufacturing partner is vital to our industry and what we provide is a unique opportunity for our customers to leverage their operations and improve delivery and profitability easily. We believe we are headed to double the size of the business by 2022. This must be achieved from offering our customers solutions and quality no matter whether it is a product of ours or a service. SemiGen invests in our customers’ successes and by being their manufacturing partner we share in those which allow us to grow and continue to receive new and better opportunities.