SV Microwave Launches Pre-Tinned (De-golded) PCB Connectors

SV Microwave Launches Pre-Tinned (De-golded) PCB Connectors

SV Microwave, a provider of the RF/Microwave industry with over 50 years of proven performance for the military, satellite, aerospace, commercial, industrial, and telecommunications markets has introduced Pre-Tinned (De-golded) PCB Connectors.

SV Microwave has developed a proprietary method for removing gold in the solder area of our RF connectors. Their automated de-golding process mitigates undesirable remnants of gold plating in the solder joint. They plan for gold removal in the design stage, modifying the connector body so it can be fixtured effectively and gold can be thoroughly removed from the solderable area - including nearby areas which may be prone to capillary effect wicking.

Features Includes:

  • Improved reliability of the solder joint
  • Pre-tinning options available in both SN63 and SN96
  • SMP and SMPM series available
  • DC - 40 GHz

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