Alpha Wireless Unveils Dual Band Antenna for Utility Network Modernization

Alpha Wireless Unveils Dual Band Antenna for Utility Network Modernization

Alpha Wireless, a global provider of antenna solutions, has introduced the Alpha Wireless AW3874 dual-band antenna, engineered to empower utilities to modernize and digitize their communications infrastructure. With support for both 900 MHz and 3.5 GHz / Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in a single antenna, the AW3874 provides a smooth upgrade path to smarter, more secure network infrastructure and optimal operational efficiency.

Escalating threats from cyber-attacks, vandalism and severe weather have highlighted the urgency for utilities to upgrade critical communications infrastructure for more modernized operations, thereby increasing scalability, performance and efficiency. Secure, private LTE broadband connectivity delivered with fixed wireless technology provides a reliable and effective method to upgrade device security, improve real-time monitoring, enable active control of energy distribution systems, and collect business-critical data from automated meter reading (AMR) systems and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

With an ultra-compact, high-efficiency design using a patent-pending frequency-transparent dipole technology (FTDT), the AW3874 reliably delivers single band-like performance from a multi-band antenna in a compact form factor. The antenna’s small footprint reduces wind load, as well as saving on site lease, installation, equipment and maintenance costs, without sacrificing performance or signal quality.

Tim Sill, Vice President of Technology and Business Development, Alpha Wireless said that as a powerful ally for network modernization, they bring deployment expertise and the performance of carrier-grade antennas to utilities to help navigate the digital transformation landscape toward smarter and more secure infrastructure. He also said that Alpha Wireless antenna solutions are uniquely positioned to meet the exacting requirements of secure, private LTE network deployments for today’s utility operations.

In addition to the AW3874 antenna, Alpha offers a broad portfolio of dual-band and single-band antenna solutions designed to allow utilities to leverage the latest communications technologies.

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