IQD Updates its High Performance Rubidium Oscillator

IQD Updates its High Performance Rubidium Oscillator

IQD, a Würth Elektronik eiSos Group company has created a comprehensive IQRB-2 rubidium oscillator handbook, summarising tests undertaken: from temperature stability and short-term stability to supply pushing.

Key features of IQRB-2:

  • The IQRB-2 fills the gap between the IQRB-1 and the IQRB-3; the IQRB-1 delivers a superb price-performance ratio, whereas the IQRB-3 offers an exceptional phase noise performance paired with a 1 PPS synchronization. 
  • The IQRB-2 offers a superb phase noise close to the IQRB-3 performance: a close-in phase noise of -108 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz and a noise floor of -158 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz and below.
  • Although it does not offer a 1 PPS synchronization, it is available at a more competitive price vs. the IQRB-3. 
  • With short-term stability of 0.0075 ppb @ Tau = 100 s and an aging performance of a maximum of 0.05 ppb per month, the IQRB-2 is still a perfect match for various time and frequency synchronization applications.
  • Major applications are precise time and frequency reference in mobile radio stations, as a reference signal in test and inspection equipment, broadcasting stations, and various other communication and network infrastructures.

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