LitePoint and Microchip Simplify Manufacturing Test of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IoT Systems

LitePoint and Microchip Simplify Manufacturing Test of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IoT Systems

LitePoint, a leading provider of wireless test solutions has collaborated with Microchip Technology to deliver simplified design validation and turnkey manufacturing test solutions for next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) systems, based on Microchip’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipsets.

As part of the collaboration, LitePoint has released a version of its IQfact+ test automation software tailored for Microchip’s new WFI32E01 series of Wi-Fi MCU modules.

LitePoint’s IQfact+ is a turnkey, chipset-specific test development software that enables rapid-volume manufacturing with minimal engineering effort. With IQfact+, wireless system developers get access to proven software that enables control of devices under test and the test system with calibration routines that are uniquely optimized to reduce time and maximize throughput.

Microchip Technology is a leading provider of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ICs, modules, and reference designs that ensure robust, reliable, and safe connections. Microchip’s comprehensive wireless connectivity portfolio meets the range, data rate, interoperability, frequency, and topology needs of many IoT applications.

“The rapid growth of IoT is driving the deployment of billions of wirelessly connected products, making the wireless connection quality of these devices paramount,” said Adam Smith, Director of Product Marketing at LitePoint. “We’re excited to work with Microchip to bring a simplified wireless test solution that will ensure their customers can set up and test the wireless quality of Microchip-based devices in a matter of hours, compared to traditional test development, were set up and deployment can take weeks or even months.”

LitePoint provides a wireless test system that offers significant time-to-market advantages which are critical to our customers who want to integrate our chip-down reference designs into their applications,” said Steve Caldwell, VP of Microchip’s wireless solutions group. “Combining our innovation with LitePoint’s high volume production test technology provides our customers the tools they need to meet their customer’s demand for increasingly complex products, delivered at the highest quality.”

LitePoint’s IQxel fully integrated test platforms include signal generation and analysis for Wi-Fi connectivity, meeting the needs of product development and high-volume manufacturing. The IQxel product family includes support for WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be, as well as a full range of connectivity standards (Bluetooth 5. x, Zigbee, Z-Wave), with a frequency range from 400 to 6000 MHz and upgradable to support up to 7300 MHz for 6 GHz band.

For faster time to market, turnkey IQfact+ software solutions offer customized testing of leading chipsets and enable thorough design verification and rapid volume manufacturing with minimal engineering effort.

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