Hasco Introduces Littlebend™ Ultra-Flexible, High-Performance RF Cables

Hasco Introduces Littlebend™ Ultra-Flexible, High-Performance RF Cables

Hasco, a global distributor of quality on-demand RF and Microwave components, has introduced the Littlebend™ ultra-flexible RF cable series that operates up to 26.5 GHz. The series offers extremely flexible, triple-shielded cables, designed for demanding microwave interconnect applications and system designs requiring dense packaging.

The Littlebend™ Ultra-Flexible Cable Series are available in standard lengths from 3 to 48 inches (can also be ordered in custom lengths) with a retention force of over 90 N. Based on the selected length they have an insertion loss ranging from 0.3 to 4.7 dB and a VSWR of under 1.35:1. The cables provide shielding effectiveness of over 90 dB and have a minimum bend radius of 0.02” (5 mm). They have amplitude stability of ±.08 dB @ 26.5 GHz and phase stability of ±3° @ 26.5 GHz when wrapped around a 26.4 mm radius mandrel.

These cables are terminated with high performance SMA straight connectors and are also available with 2.92mm and 2.4mm connectors. Each assembly is 100% continuity, Hi-Pot and RF tested to the printed specification prior to shipment. Additional configurations are also available by special order.

This line of ultra-flexible cables further expands the HASCO cable offering to provide customers with a more flexible cable option that supports the need for increased movement during testing or production applications.

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