MixComm and Kreemo Develop 360 Degree Antenna Technology for 5G Applications

MixComm and Kreemo Develop 360 Degree Antenna Technology for 5G Applications

Sivers Semiconductors announced that the company’s future subsidiary MixComm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South Korean venture company Kreemo to develop the world's first 5G module optimized for metaverse.

The goal is to create a 5G module by combining MixComm's ultra-high frequency integrated circuit (RF) technology and Kreemo’s 360-degree antenna technology. The new product will have a wide radiation range as it will have double the number of antennas. Usually, antennas are placed on the back of a device which reduces signal strength when holding the device in the hand or when it is placed on the ground or on another surface. There is no issue when transmitting and receiving low-frequency signals but when working with high-frequency signals or larger amounts of data this becomes a problem.

Kreemo solved the problem by using a differentiated antenna design. They developed the world's first 5G stacked patch antenna that provides 360-degree coverage. This antenna module has a structure in which two upper and lower antennas are layered. It can transmit and receive high-frequency signals in any direction. There is no antenna reception shadow area and broadband high capacity reception is possible. Kreemo also secured a patent for this design.

 High-frequency 5G communication is now being commercialized in the US but there have been limitations in market expansion due to unstable antenna transmission and reception. This technology will help fix some of these issues faced by the high frequency 5G market.

This technology can be used in various fields such as augmented reality (AR), games and data devices, where high-quality antennas that transmit and receive high-frequency data and signals are essential to enable a smooth hyper-connected and ultra-realistic 5G content experience.

Sivers Semiconductors acquired MixComm Inc. in October 2021.

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