MixComm Partners with Advanced Microsystems Technologies to Develop 5G mmWave Solutions

MixComm Partners with Advanced Microsystems Technologies to Develop 5G mmWave Solutions

MixComm, a company recently acquired by Sivers Semiconductors has entered a partnership with Advanced Microsystems Technologies, a division of Sanmina, to productize its 5G wireless infrastructure solutions.

The division will provide design, packaging, assembly, and testing services that integrate MixComm’s low power and beamforming chips into an innovative AiP package that simplifies and miniaturizes the product design. The solutions will be based upon MixComm’s SUMMIT2629 Beamformer Front End IC and the recently announced ECLIPSE3741 Antenna in Package (AiP).

The productization work will include design for manufacturability and thermal characterization. This work will enhance the performance of MixComm’s solutions and speed time to market for Sanmina’s and MixComm’s mutual customers.

“AiP solutions have become the most attractive front-end subsystems to ensure the performance benefits of mmWave frequencies that are essential for continued rollout and adoption of 5G networks,” said Eric Sislian, VP of the Advanced Microsystems Technologies division at Sanmina. “By combining our design and advanced manufacturing capabilities with MixComm’s leading RF technologies, we believe we can accelerate commercialization of AiP solutions that enable wireless communications providers to provide a high-quality user experience and expand their 5G networks.”

“MixComm’s AiP is a transformative technology for millimeter-wave array solutions but requires thermal and mechanical solutions that are different from those employed for traditional chip-scale packages,” said Dr Harish Krishnaswamy, Co-founder and CTO at MixComm. “With Sanmina, we are developing mechanical and thermal strategies for AiP that are mass manufacturable. Through this partnership, we will substantially lower the barrier to entry into the millimeter-wave market for our customers."

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