Qualcomm Unveils Research Milestones and Innovations to Accelerate 5G Advanced Evolution Towards 6G

Qualcomm Unveils Research Milestones and Innovations to Accelerate 5G Advanced Evolution Towards 6G

Qualcomm Technologies unveiled new research milestones and innovations showcasing how the Company is driving digital transformation and delivering premium experiences across industries and use cases through advancements in 5G.

“From smartphones, automotive, industrial, IoT, XR and more, Qualcomm Technologies is defining a new generation of connected devices—the Connected Intelligent Edge—and these innovations begin as breakthroughs within our research labs,” said John Smee, senior vice president, engineering, Qualcomm Technologies. “Building on our leadership across every generation of wireless communication, we’re leading the way with 5G Advanced technologies, and our latest wireless research is solidifying the foundation of 6G

Qualcomm Technologies’ latest research demonstrations showcase how the Company is delivering on its one technology roadmap and enabling the progression and advancement of 10 key wireless innovation areas that will fuel the 5G Advanced evolution towards 6G. New prototypes include:

  • Advanced MIMO Evolution: Innovations in RF and MIMO antenna designs are bringing new capabilities, efficiencies and flexibility to the 5G system and enabling further progress toward 6G.
  • Mobile mmWave Evolution: Machine learning, mobility enhancements, and spectrum sharing are improving performance and optimizing deployments for 5G mmWave in more demanding use cases, such as mobile VR.
  • 5G Positioning: 5G can deliver precise positioning for mobile broadband and low-complexity IoT devices across a wide range of indoor and outdoor deployments.
  • Industrial Precise Positioning: By addressing challenging indoor industrial environments with obstructed line-of-sight, 5G precise positioning is a key enabler for Industry 4.0.
  • AI-enabled 5G Air Interface Design: Machine learning can reduce communication overhead, resulting in improved performance efficiency, increased usable capacity, and extended device battery life.
  • Driving green, energy efficient networks: Novel signal quality improvement techniques can make communication both faster and more energy efficient, enabling 5G to become more sustainable.
  • Ticket to the Metaverse: 5G is enabling the metaverse and driving the convergence of physical, digital, and virtual worlds.
  • Industrial 5G Networks: The smart factory setup combines AI for coordinated multi-point transmissions and 5G side-link to connect even more devices in the factory of the future with ultra-high reliability. Qualcomm’s innovation platform based in Lannion, France, will allow for end-end research and collaboration with partners on new verticals in a 5G Private Network testbed.
  • Wide-area IoT Expansion: Extended coverage and connectivity for a large number of 5G IOT devices is achieved through 5G Reduced Capability devices, also known as 5G NR-Light, along with enhancements for mesh networks.
  • Advanced C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything): Connectivity among vehicles and infrastructure/cloud improves safety, positioning, and services for the entire transportation ecosystem.

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