5G FR2 Frequency Bands

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Jan 23, 2024

5G FR2 (Frequency Range 2) consists of the operational frequencies that have been allocated to 5G in the mmWave region (above 24 GHz). These bands aim to provide high performance 5G as large amounts of bandwidths are available for use. Networks operating on FR2 bands can achieve gigabit data rates or even higher with extremely low latency.

Frequency Range 2 (FR2) Bands

BandBand Alias (GHz)Duplexing ModeUplink/Downlink (GHz)
Total Bandwidth (MHz)
n25728TDD26.50 - 29.503000
24.25 - 27.50 GHz3250
n259-TDD39.50 - 43.50 GHz4000
n26039TDD37.00 - 40.003000
n26128TDD27.50 - 28.35850
n26247TDD47.20 - 48.201000
n26360TDD57.00 - 71.004000

Most 5G networks use a combination of both FR1 and FR2 bands. FR1 Bands provide better range and indoor propagation whereas FR2 bands provide higher data rates and lower latency. FR2 bands experience significant atmospheric attenuation and path loss during propagation. With the reduced penetration power, mass mmWave 5G deployments pose a challenge for telecom operators and engineers.

There are a couple of ways in which this challenge can be overcome.

  1. Place 5G base stations every few hundred meters to increase range and provide decent network coverage, which may increase the cost of deployment.
  2. Use smaller cells for indoor applications, like Wi-Fi implementation, which finds applications in places like restaurants and shopping malls.

Another challenge that operators face with using FR2 bands is the increased complexity in designing mmWave components, which also increases their cost. Components for FR1 bands are common as there are a number of technologies that use Sub-6GHz bands like 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. The mmWave component ecosystem has to more or less be built from scratch. Many of the initial mmWave RF components also tend to consume more power which does not help in mass deployment of mmWave 5G capable devices. However, with time and continued R&D from various companies, the situation around mmWave (FR2) 5G is changing rapidly and an increasing number of telecom operators are deploying higher frequency 5G networks across the globe.

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