What is WiFi3?

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Nov 20, 2017
WiFi3™ is a multi-channel WiFi technology developed by Edgewater Wireless. It is backed by 24 patents to deliver multiple, concurrent channels of transmit and receive on the same radio. It uses 3 channels in 2.4 GHz and up to 9 Channels in 5 GHz. Edgewater Wireless technology multiplies the bandwidth available by utilizing multiple channels simultaneously - creating an unprecedented range of control across the RF spectrum.

WiFi3™ is a great solution for High-Density WiFi networks. Access points powered by WiFi3 enable service providers to plan, build and deploy reliable, high-capacity services (like VoWiFI) for high-density & data demand in any environment. Traditional Wi-Fi had been developed at a time each user had a single Wi-Fi enabled device. How ever then the number of devices increase, they addressed the issue by using more antennas, more access points and beamforming technology. WiFi3™ addresses this issue by using a multi-channel architecture. This architecture requires fewer access points delivering higher quality of service and can considerably lower the cost of deployments.