GIGAFLIGHT Develops New RF Coax Cables for the Avionics and Aerospace Industry

GIGAFLIGHT Develops New RF Coax Cables for the Avionics and Aerospace Industry

GIGAFLIGHT Connectivity, Inc. has developed three new GIGALite cable products that will be available in late Q2 2022. The GIGALite product line includes coaxial cables and cable assemblies used in major avionics/aerospace systems.

The first new cable, GF5-56T, is a low-loss high-performance coaxial cable ideal for applications where system loss budgets prevent using higher loss cables (such as Gogo Avance, GPS, TCAS and SATCOM installations). The second new cable, GF5-67T, is a lightweight, laser markable, 50 Ω coaxial cable that is suitable for demanding civil and military applications. The third new product, GF5-263D, is a low-loss high-performance RG316 type 50 Ω coaxial cable compatible with all MIL-SPEC RG316 series connectors.

All three cables are Skydrol resistant, RoHS compliant and meet FAA Flammability requirements. They’re designed as identical alternatives to prevalent lines on the market to promote interchangeability, reduce sole sourcing and simplify the design in approvals.

GIGAFLIGHT’S new product development is driven in part by unmet market needs as the aviation industry rebounds from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As traditional cable suppliers cater to the needs of their bigger clients, a sizable segment of small-to-midsize aircraft MROs is contending with long lead times for advanced aerospace cables.

“The aviation industry, like many others, has been fighting hard to sustain growth in the face of supply chain and workforce setbacks,” said Ben Hackett, GIGAFLIGHT founder and president. “In light of these challenges, our ability to provide high-quality alternatives to popular cable products can be critical. We encourage firms to question whether they’ve been getting the level of service they need, and to add our products to their engineering drawings as alternatives to get ahead of any potential supply chain issues.”

The team at GIGAFLIGHT offers more than an alternative product line: their innovative approach to electronic cable supply also provides significant cost savings on a broad selection of wire, cables and connectors that are in stock and ready to ship, as well as custom assemblies that ship in 1-2 days. Their business model enables more aerospace and defense (A&D) companies to be competitive and agile in a dynamic marketplace.

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