NSI-MI Technologies Introduces mmWave Pre-Configured Compact Range Measurement System

NSI-MI Technologies Introduces mmWave Pre-Configured Compact Range Measurement System

NSI-MI Technologies has developed a pre-configured compact range measurement system. Compact range reflector-based systems offer users all the advantages of far-field configurations but with the convenience of environmental and security control. For instance, for far-field testing of a 3-foot diameter, 10 GHz antenna, the separation distance would need to be nearly 200 feet. A compact range can reduce this distance to under 20 feet. The ability to control temperature, eliminate wind deflections, avoid rain and snow as well as reduce maintenance costs are other day-to-day advantages of compact range reflector-based systems.

The CRS-PORT-18-0.5 measurement system is suitable for use in measurement of 5G FR2 base station antennas, point-to-point communication antennas, phased-arrays, reflector antennas, radar antennas and general broad pattern antennas. The system supports NSI-MI and Keysight RF receivers and is capable of measuring amplitude and phase from 18 GHz to 110 GHz. It is ideal for measuring medium to high gain antennas with antenna-under-test (AUT) payloads of up to 0.5 m (19.7 in.) in diameter and 75 kg (165 lb). The base, reflector, and positioning system come pre-assembled, aligned, and integrated with the chamber, for ultimate convenience and cost/time savings.

The CRS-PORT-18-0.5 features a roll-over-azimuth AUT positioner with manual offset and feed stand with pol positioner. This system is designed to operate with a wide range of popular accessories and support services to meet budget and test needs. These include chamber enclosure with absorber treatment and integrated HVAC system for the chamber.

This measurement system includes a workstation featuring state-of-the-art NSI-MI antenna test software. Measured data provides direct far-field patterns allowing for complete characterization of the antenna’s performance. A single data set provides rapid information on antenna gain, beamwidth, side lobe structure, beam pointing, and cross polarization among other parameters.

Each NSI-MI Pre-Configured Compact Range Measurement System includes the following:

  • Compact range reflector
  • Positioning subsystem including feed and AUT positioner with absorber kit and motion control system
  • State-of-the-art RF subsystem utilizing the NSI-MI ELE-VFA or customer-supplied network analyzer
  • NSI-MI or customer-supplied RF receiver connection
  • Interface kits to easily integrate a wide variety of common RF equipment, antennas and test devices
  • Full standard system interface and operations documentation
  • NSI-MI Workstation with data acquisition, processing and plotting software

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