Menlo Micro to Showcase its Innovative Ideal Switch Innovations at electronica 2022

Menlo Micro to Showcase its Innovative Ideal Switch Innovations at electronica 2022

Menlo Micro, the developer of the Ideal Switch, will be demonstrating the superior performance of Ideal Switch technology followed by other latest innovations based on this technology at the electronica 2022 in Munich next week. Specifically, the demonstrations will cover several products and key innovations such as the Ideal Switch, ultra-low loss reconfigurable and tunable RF filters, 5G C-band beam steering antennas, and achieving hot switching performance and linearity using an ideal switch.

Ideal Switch technology is designed to bring more than 99 percent reductions in size, weight, power, and cost to dozens of industries such as medical, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial IoT, and test and measurement.

It is the electronic industry’s Holy Grail of switching technology, combining the benefits of electro-mechanical relays and solid-state switches with no compromises. Tiny, fast and reliable, the Ideal Switch can withstand extreme temperatures and handle thousands of Watts with ultra-low losses.

Menlo Micro will be demonstrating the following RF products at electronica 2022

Industry’s Highest RF Power Density:

Ideal Switch technology features ultra-low insertion loss, allowing high power capabilities in new form factors without the need for bulky heat sinks. This demonstration will show how Menlo’s MM5120 power handling and thermal performance compares to traditional GaN RF switches, enabling significant SWaP savings for high power radio designs.

Ultra-low-loss Reconfigurable &Tunable RF Filters:

Software-defined radios require increasing levels of reconfiguration for higher performance and broader frequency coverage. Menlo Micro's engineers will be showcasing multiple designs for compact, high-power tunable and switched filter banks using both MM5130 and MM5120 products. In addition, they will show how one can quickly prototype new filter designs using X-MWblocks modular RF building blocks from X-Microwave.

5G C-Band Beam Steering Antenna:                                                                               

Menlo Micro has implemented a differential phase shifter with Ideal Switch technology, enabling simplified analog/RF approaches to beam-steering antennas. The demonstration antenna operates in 3.5 GHz band, which is a key part of the emerging 5G spectrum. This antenna contains no motors or mechanical tuning components, has extremely high PIM and operates with very high reliability and microsecond switching speeds.

Extreme Linearity for Advanced Communication Systems:

High IP3 or linearity is critical for maintaining high data rates in highly complex modulation schemes. The Ideal Switch material set is designed for extreme linearity, between 100x to 10,000x higher than semiconductor devices. This demo will showcase IP3 performance in excess of 95 dBm using specialized PIM testers used to measure passive devices such as cables and connectors.

Latest RF Hot Switching Performance:

Stop by their booth in Munich to meet the company's engineers and see the latest RF hot switch performance of the Ideal Switch and the roadmap for improvements in the future.

Micro-mechanical AC/DC Power Switch with the World’s Highest Current Density:

Menlo Micro will be showcasing the latest Ideal Switch design from Menlo which is designed for high power AC/DC controls applications. The MM9200 is designed to block 400 V when open and handle 10 A when closed, with a best-in-class 10mohm on-resistance. Their engineers will be showing the superior thermal performance and demonstrating the scalable nature of the Ideal Switch technology for a broad array of emerging power distribution and controls applications.

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