IEEE Radio & Wireless Week 2023 to be Held from January 22 to 25, 2023 in Las Vegas

IEEE Radio & Wireless Week 2023 to be Held from January 22 to 25, 2023 in Las Vegas

The 2023 IEEE Radio & Wireless Week (RWW2023) will be held from January 22 to January 25, 2023, at the Planet Hollywood Hotel on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The venue is located in an internationally renowned major resort city, known for its shopping, fine dining, top entertainment, and nightlife.

RWW 2023 will be the 18th RWW and will continue with the tradition of hosting five co-located topical conferences focusing on the intersection between wireless communication theory, systems, circuits, and device technologies. This creates a unique forum for engineers to discuss various technologies for the state-of-art wireless systems and their end-use applications. The conferences that are part of RWW 2023 bridge the gaps between digital communications, RF systems, hardware, and software, which all need to be seamlessly combined to keep the wireless industry and mobile applications moving forward.

The co-located conferences that are part of RWW 2023 include the 2023 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS), the 23rd Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems (SiRF), the IEEE Topical Conference on Power Amplifiers for Wireless and Radio Applications (PAWR), the IEEE Topical Conference on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks (WiSNet), and the IEEE Space Hardware and Radio Conference (SHaRC).

Authors are invited to submit papers for presentation at RWW2023. All papers accepted will be published in a digest and the conference proceedings will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® digital library. Authors of papers presented at RWW 2023 are also invited to submit an expanded version to the T-MTT Mini-Special Issue.

  • RWS: From RF/microwave physical layer, devices, algorithms, and implementation to applications
  • PAWR: Topics in RF/microwave power amplifiers
  • WiSNet: Topics in wireless sensors and sensor networks, RFID, localization, and Six-Port technology
  • SiRF: Topics in silicon technologies for microwave and millimeter-wave applications
  • SHaRC: Topics in RF equipment and technology for space- and suborbital systems

The traditional RWW program will again be followed with technical papers presented in both standard podium presentations and a series of poster sessions. RWW 2023 is planning several Workshops on Sunday and Wednesday, a special focus session on highly integrated beamforming solutions, a dedicated track on Monday for the IEEE Distinguished Microwave Lecturers, and a Demo Track in the Exhibition Hall.

For the third time, this event will have a live session on Distinguished Women in Microwaves bringing together a panel of women who have contributed to the microwave society for the last few years including high quality talks in radio and wireless applications. The Plenary Session will be held on Tuesday morning, where two plenary speakers will deliver the keynote presentation including topics related to wireless communications and microwave integrated solutions, and the winners of the student paper contest will be announced.

On Wednesday, parallel Technical Lectures on linearization of power amplifiers and power amplifier characterization for digital pre-distortion are planned.

The 100th Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) meeting, will again be held in co-location of the Radio and Wireless Week. ARFTG is the premier conference focused on RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave measurements, calibration, and uncertainty. Technical papers are presented on advanced measurement techniques, measurement standards, and linear and nonlinear device characterization and modeling.

The ARFTG symposium includes the ARFTG conference itself with IEEE archived, technical papers, a series of short courses on microwave measurements, a joint exhibition with RWW 2023, and IEEE standards meetings. The RWW and ARFTG exhibitors will be co-located in the Exhibition Hall.

For the sixth year, the MTT-S and the RWW Steering Committee are partnering with the multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiatives to host an IoT Summit featuring, besides very successful track structure as for last years, a joint panel session together with RWW 2023. The meeting will bring together participants from industry, academia, and the public sector to explore the latest IoT technology developments and applications. The focus of this year’s Summit is to address new challenges and benefits quantum computing and engineering can imply on IoT.

RWW 2023 will again have a student paper competition as a way to support and encourage students to pursue a career in the wireless area. On Monday, all student paper competition finalists will provide an oral ‘elevator pitch’-style presentation to a group of judges, and the winners will be announced in the Plenary Session on Tuesday.

On Monday evening, a traditional reception will be hosted where exhibitors and attendees wrap up their first day, with talks from various RWW 2023 and/or ARFTG presenters at the PAWR panel. There will also be another Young Professionals panel session co-located with the closing the exhibition event on Tuesday evening, where senior executives from nearby companies will speak to young engineers and scientists in the community. In parallel, the MTT Space Night in its second edition will boost networking of the space community among the MTT society in an inspiring atmosphere.

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