Trending Cable & Connectors in 2023: January Edition

Trending Cable & Connectors in 2023: January Edition

RF cables, connectors, and adapters are the key components used in a wide range of RF application areas such as mobile communication, space, industrial, marine, medical, transportation, defense, oil & gas applications, and more applications. everything RF has compiled a list of new and trending RF/Microwave coaxial cables & connectors products over the last few weeks. To keep up to date with the RF Interconnect space, visit the connectors & cables hub on everything RF. We keep users up to date with new products, news, whitepapers, webinars, and events.

High Data-Rate Coaxial-to-PCB Solutions from DC to 65 GHz

The MMPX Series from Huber+Suhner are snap-on Coaxial-to-PCB Solutions that operate from DC to 65 GHz and have data rates up to 80 Gbps. They consist of cable connectors and assemblies, PCB connectors, and adapters. These solutions feature excellent electrical performance in a compact size and are suitable for applications such as high-speed digital testing and radio frequency testing (60 GHz WPAN), industrial, mobile communication, space, and defense. Read more

IP67/IP68-Rated Waterproof RF and Microwave Connectors

The Pisces Series are waterproof connectors from IntelliConnect that have been developed for use in mil-aerospace, SCADA, marine, medical, transportation, and oil and gas applications. These IP67 and IP68 rated connectors are sealed internally and are therefore waterproof when unmated. They are available in various connector formats that include: ABMS (Rugged MCX), N-Type, Push-Pull, TNC, and SMA.

ABMS is a special sub-miniature connector interface originally designed for use with cochlear implants. This series is based on MCX but with enhanced ruggedization to enable 3000 matings. Read more

Rugged, IP68-Rated Waterproof Coaxial Adapters from DC to 18 GHz 

The Johnson AquaConn Family from Cinch Connectivity are Waterproof Adapters that operate from DC to 18 GHz. These 50-ohm adapters consist of same series and between-series adapters with the SMA, TNC, MCX, and MMCX families. They are designed with internal gaskets along with an outer gasket. The adapters are available as IP68-rated Brass or Nickel-plated interconnects with or without a Hex nut. Read more

Compact Right-Angle RP-SMA Plugs from DC to 7 GHz

The Reverse Polarity Right-Angle SMA Plugs from Amphenol RF operate from DC to 7 GHz. They are manufactured with gold-plated brass bodies, gold-plated, beryllium copper contacts and stainless-steel retaining rings. These plugs include a threaded coupling mechanism to provide vibration resistance in industrial automation, cellular infrastructure, and base stations applications. Read more

Ferrule RF Cable Connectors from DC to 65 GHz

The Ferrule RF Cable Connectors from Amphenol SV Microwave operate from DC to 65 GHz. They provide shielding effectiveness of more than 65 dB and have a voltage rating (RMS) of up to 1000 V. These cable connectors have extended length Ferrule material to protect the solder joints and fragile cable sections from environmental stress. Read more

2.92 mm (F) Edge Launch PCB Connector from DC to 40 GHz

The P1CO-29FEL-05/09-LP from P1dB RF & MW Components is a 2.92 mm (female) End Launch PCB Connector that operates from DC to 40 GHz. This 50-ohm low-profile connector has a straight orientation and offers the best electrical match when mated with Microstrip printed circuit boards. It is field replaceable (non-solder attachment to PCB) and measures 0.745 x 0.374 x 0.5 inches with a center contact pin diameter of 0.005 inches. Read more

DC to 60 GHz, High-performance Flexible Cable

The EZ-FLEX.405 from EZ Form Cable Corporation is a Flexible Coaxial Cable that operates from DC to 60 GHz. It has a minimum bend radius of 6.35 mm, provides shielding effectiveness of more than 100 dB, and has a velocity of propagation of 70%. This 50-ohm cable has a center conductor that measures 0.51 mm in diameter, a PTFE dielectric that measures 1.67 mm in diameter, a silver-plated outer conductor that measures 2.18 mm in diameter followed by an FEP jacket that measures 2.64 mm in diameter. It has a voltage rating of 5000 VRMS and can handle an input power of up to 180 W (@ 0.5 GHz). The cable has an operating temperature range from -55 to +200°C and is designed for use with standard connectors for semi-rigid cable. Read more

Flexible Low-Loss Coaxial Cable for Communication Applications

The LMR-900 from Times Microwave Systems is a Flexible Coaxial Cable with a DC voltage rating of 5000 V. It has a static bend radius of 76.2 mm and a dynamic bend radius of 228.6 mm. This cable has a BC tube inner conductor, a foam PE dielectric, and an aluminum tape outer conductor which is then followed by a tinned copper braid and a PE/FRPE jacket. It can handle a peak power of 62 kW, has a velocity of propagation of 87%, and provides shielding effectiveness of more than 90 dB. The cable exhibits an attenuation of 16 dB/m (@5800 MHz frequency), a capacitance of 76.6 pF/m, and an inductance of 0.19 uH/m. Read more

100 ft Low Loss Coaxial Cable with N-type Terminations

The BT512174 from Bolton Technical is a 50 Ohm 100 ft cable with N-Type Male connectors. It is based on Times Microwave LMR®400 cable with an ultra-low-loss cable which provides 6 dB of loss per 100 feet. The cable is CL3-rated and can carry up to 300 volts, making it ideal for commercial applications and buildings. It has a patented triple-shielded, insulated interior that ensures the lowest loss at its thickness for both the highest signal quality and energy efficiency. Read more

Ultra Low Loss Cable Assemblies Up to 67 GHz

The Phase 3 Series from MegaPhase is an RF Cable Assembly with an Attenuation of 0.1 to 2.2 dB/ft, Capacitance of 78.7 to 88.6 pF/m, Delay of 1.21 to 1.35 ns/ft, Frequency 18 to 67 GHz (Options Available), Temperature -65 to 200 Degree C. Tags: Flexible. More details for Phase 3 Series can be seen below. Read more

70 GHz Flexible Microwave Cable with a Static Bend Radius of 3 mm

The MULTIFLEX_53-02 (85006318) from HUBER+SUHNER is a Flexible Microwave Cable that operates up to 70 GHz. It has a velocity of signal propagation of 70% and a signal delay of 4.8 ns/m. This 50-ohm cable provides shielding of more than 90 dB (up to 18 GHz) and has a capacitance of 95 pF/m. It is an alternative to semi-rigid microwave cables with a diameter of 1.74 mm and a minimum bend radius of 3 mm (static) and 10 mm (dynamic). The cable has a copper–silver plated center conductor, PTFE dielectric, an FEP jacket, and an operating temperature range from -55°C to +165 °C. Read more

67 GHz Phase-Stable Cable Assemblies with Various Connector Options

The Stability Plus™ from Maury Microwave are Phase-Stable Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies that operate up to 67 GHz. They are specifically designed for phase-stable and amplitude-stable applications and offer excellent measurement repeatability even while flexing the cables. These cables are light weight which makes them suitable for daily use with VNA's, test instruments, bench-top testing and ATE systems. They follow the proposed IEEE high-frequency connector/adapter color convention to avoid and eliminate damaged equipment, degraded equipment reliability, degraded performance and lengthy maintenance times due to improper mating (and attempted mating) of incompatible interconnects. Read more

Micro-coaxial RF Cable Assembly from DC to 9 GHz

The MHF I Series from I-PEX are Micro-Coaxial RF Cable Assemblies that operate from DC to 9 GHz. They have a VSWR of less than 1.9 and a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm. These cable assemblies feature solderless micro-coaxial terminations based on i-Fit technology. They can handle AC voltages of 60 V and can withstand DC peak voltages above 200 V. These coaxial connectors have contact resistances of less than 20 mOhm and can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 90 °C. Read more

50 GHz Metrology-Grade mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly for VNA Testing

The MW/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly from Junkosha operates up to 50 GHz. This Metrology-Grade cable assembly exhibits phase stability of ± 4.5° and amplitude stability of ± 0.08 dB at 50 GHz in flexure alongside strong phase stability with temperature variations. The cable can be bent 180° on a 2.25-inch radius mandrel with no spring back. It also displays impressive performance durability, surpassing 50,000 tick-tock cycles during testing. This metrology-grade cable assembly has an insertion loss of less than 5.1 dB, shielding effectiveness of more than 90 dB, and a nominal velocity propagation of 79%. It can be fitted with a ruggedized port side NMD connector to ensure reliable connections to a VNA. Read more

Vapor-Sealed Cable Assemblies from DC to 40 GHz for Airborne Applications

The 7 Series from W. L. Gore & Associates are Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies that operate from DC to 40 GHz. They have an insertion loss of less than 2.56 dB/m and a nominal time delay of 1.2 ns/cm. These cable assemblies are qualified for aerospace applications and meet the MIL-T-81490 mechanical and environmental requirements for airframe cables. They have durable cable construction that ensures exceptional shielding effectiveness of over 90 dB and is vapor sealed to prevent ingress of water vapor, jet fuel, and other contaminants and ensure that the electrical performance is maintained over the entire life cycle. Read more

Cryogenic Cable Assembly from DC to 65 GHz

The NbTi 085 from CryoCoax is a Cryogenic Cable Assembly that operates from DC to 65 GHz. It has a 2.19 mm NbTi outer conductor, 0.51 mm NbTi inner conductor, and 1.62 mm dielectric. This cable assembly has a minimum bend radius of 30 mm and is available with SMA, 2.92 mm (soldered and solderless), 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm connector options. Read more

Low-Loss K-Type/SMA Coaxial Cable Assemblies from DC to 18 GHz

The MaxGain® 300 (MG-300) from Times Microwave Systems are Coaxial Cable Assemblies that operate from DC to 18 GHz. The cables have a diameter of 7.88 mm, a minimum bend radius of 44.5 mm, and ensure ultra-stable insertion loss, phase, and VSWR while flexing. These 50-ohm cable assemblies provide more than 90 dB of shielding, have an attenuation of 0.72 dB/m (@18 GHz), and have a propagation velocity of 81%. They are built using Times Microwave’s unique spiral outer conductor technology and have an operating temperature range from -55°C to 150°C. Read more

Rugged Low-Loss Cable Assemblies for Military/Commercial Applications

The POWeRUN WSA84 Series from ConductRF are RF Cable Assemblies that are designed for military and commercial applications. These cable assemblies have phase stability of ±8° and amplitude stability of ±0.5 dB (@18 GHz). They have can handle an input power of up to 345 W, have a cable loss of less than 0.22 dB/ft, and a VSWR of 1.35:1 (@18 GHz). These rugged, triple-shielded assemblies have a flex life of more than 5000 cycles and have an operating temperature range from -55°C to 125° C. They are available in lengths from 30 to 187 cm with SMA, TNC & N-Type connector options. Read more

SMA Jack to SMA Jack Adapter with Black Plating from DC to 18 GHz

The 132170-12-BC from Amphenol RF is an SMA Jack to SMA Jack Adapter with Black Plating that operates from DC to 18 GHz. Black plating is an excellent choice for applications in areas such as precision positioning systems, radar receivers, surveillance equipment, and drones used to avoid enemy detection. 

The adapter is available in cadmium-free, non-reflective black zinc cobalt for covert and military applications. Zinc cobalt alloy plating is RoHS and REACH compliant and does not compromise the RF performance or conductivity. This plating is corrosive-resistant and approved for 48 hours of salt spray exposure which makes it an excellent choice for highly demanding land, sea, or airborne environments. Read more 

Right Angle 1.85 mm RF Adapters from DC to 67 GHz

The Right Angle 1.85 mm RF Adapters from Fairview Microwave are In-Series coax adapters operate from DC to 67 GHz. They have a VSWR of less than 1.35:1 and are constructed with male/female gender options. These 50-ohm adapters have a rugged passivated stainless-steel body with PEI insulation material. Read more

0.35mm-Pitch Flex-to-Board PCB Receptacle for 5G mmWave Applications

The 2153600064 from Molex is a 0.35mm-Pitch Flex-to-Board PCB Receptacle that is designed for 5G mmWave applications. It can handle up to 1 A of current per contact and has a 50 V (RMS) maximum voltage rating. This receptacle has a durability of up to 10 mating cycles. It is available in a surface-mount embossed tape on the reel package and measures 2.30 x 0.60 mm. Read more

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