LitePoint Joins Car Connectivity Consortium to Support Standardization of Vehicle-to-Smartphone Connectivity

LitePoint Joins Car Connectivity Consortium to Support Standardization of Vehicle-to-Smartphone Connectivity

LitePoint, a provider of wireless test solutions, announced that it has joined the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) as a member with the goal of ensuring a seamless end-user experience for keyless entry in automotive vehicles such as cars and trucks.

In the effort to allow consumers to use their mobile devices for secure keyless entry and access to their vehicle, the CCC launched the Digital Key Release 3, a standardized technology that uses Ultra-wideband (UWB) in combination with Bluetooth Low Energy to allow contactless, location aware and secure communication between smartphones and vehicles.

LitePoint, as a specialist in the design verification and production testing of wireless products, brings a complete set of turnkey automated test solutions for the Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies.

Convenience, security, and privacy protection will be prime factors in the successful adoption of UWB. As a leader in wireless testing, LitePoint understands how device calibration and validation are of utmost importance from the lab to product production, to ensure device interoperability and to deliver optimum user experience. “LitePoint is committed to enabling the UWB ecosystem and with our tight partnership with leading RF chipsets, module makers, and device manufacturers we’re excited to help build the UWB ecosystem,” said Adam Smith, Director of Product Marketing at LitePoint. “We are excited to help propel this technology in the automotive industry.”

Key UWB Solutions Offered by LitePoint

LitePoint’s IQgig-UWB test platform is the first fully integrated test solution to calibrate and validate devices with UWB technology. The test platform offers complete physical-layer testing and calibration of devices enabled with UWB technology including IEEE 802.15.4z. The system has a precision trigger and response mechanism to enable time of flight measurements with picosecond-level accuracy and comprehensive transmitter and receiver testing with over 1.5 GHz of single-shot bandwidth and receiver sensitivity testing below -100 dBm.

UWB devices are commonly configured with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. LitePoint offers complete RF test solutions for Bluetooth Low Energy on the IQxel-MW 7G test platform.

For faster time to market, LitePoint’s turnkey IQfact+ test automation software provides complete automation for PHY conformance testing including tester control, Device Under Test (DUT) control, and data collection.

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