MCDI (Mini-Circuits) Wins Elta Systems' Supplier Excellence Award

MCDI (Mini-Circuits) Wins Elta Systems' Supplier Excellence Award

On September 19, MCDI, Mini-Circuits’ exclusive rep and distributor in Israel, attended the Elta Systems supplier conference where a dozen suppliers were called up on stage to receive awards for multiple categories. Among those honored suppliers was MCDI and by association, Mini-Circuits as a global organization, to receive the Supplier Excellence Award.

Earning this award from a world-leading defense technology and services company like Elta was no easy feat. Based in Israel, Elta specializes in radar, communication intelligence (COMINT) electronic warfare, communication, autonomous ground systems, intelligence, cyber products, and more. With these highly complex systems for defense, aerospace, and commercial markets, Elta’s products are often used for critical national security applications, and all parts used for their products must meet stringent standards of performance, quality, and reliability.

The Elta supplier award is based on a variety of benchmarks, and to be considered as a recipient, a company must earn a top overall score across domains of quality, delivery, inspections, and product receipts to name a few. Offering many turnkey products and systems using state-of-the-art technology requires not only quality but timely delivery when it comes to Elta’s systems’ subcomponents so the company can honor its customers’ timelines and demands.

“It’s thanks to the contribution of Mini-Circuits team members around the globe and of course the MCDI team that we earned this significant recognition,” said Daniel Yacoby, CEO of MCDI. “Congratulations to each and every member who contributed to this fantastic achievement, a first for MCDI, and I believe for Mini-Circuits as well.”

Yacoby attended the ceremony to receive the award along with Ian Strusman, Mini-Circuits Israel’s FAE for Elta. Another member of the Elta support team at MCDI is Francine Rousso, MCDI’s A/M for Elta who has provided world-class account support to the company for many years.

“Elta is one of the largest companies in the industry with thousands of engineers and technical personnel requiring technical support, services, etc.” said Strusman. “Elta always works on a high number of projects, while we provide excellent support and service, no matter the size of the project and the income potential, may it be a few thousand dollars or millions. When Elta needs help, they get an immediate response from us.”

While MCDI is the main point of contact for Elta, the award belongs to everyone at Mini-Circuits. A very special mention and thanks to JP Newbold, Caroline Norris, and Dan Pearson, Mini-Circuits’ account manager at Mini-Circuits Europe (MCE), as well as the entire MCE team who always provides superb support and who go the extra mile to accommodate specific needs and requests.

Mini-Circuits and MCDI celebrate this prestigious acknowledgment of appreciation from Elta Systems and will continue to strive to improve further. MCDI’s current score from 2022 with Elta stands at 98/100 and the team looks forward to doing even better in the years to come.

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