iCana Releases 20 W Power Amplifier for n48, n77, and n78 5G-NR FR1 Bands

iCana Releases 20 W Power Amplifier for n48, n77, and n78 5G-NR FR1 Bands

iCana has announced the release of its high-efficiency 20 W Power Amplifier ICASP3338-20. Designed for 5G NR FR1 bands n48, n77, and n78 wireless infrastructure, this amplifier offers an extraordinary performance on efficiency, gain, and ruggedness.

“The ICASP3338-20 is our first GaN PA targeting small cells with 1 to 2 W output power.” Henrik Andersen, Chief Marketing Officer at iCana, commented. “Through a novel Doherty architecture and thermal co-design, we have realized a PA with excellent wide bandwidth performance.”

The ICASP3338-20 is fully matched at input and output, allowing for easy system integration and manufacturability. The power amplifier's average operating power is 35 dBm (3 W), where it offers a high gain of 28 dB and power-added efficiency (PAE) above 30%. When linearized by digital pre-distortion (DPD) it achieves excellent linearity with adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR) below -50 dBc and error vector magnitude (EVM) below 3% across the band. The amplifier can also withstand a voltage standing waver ratio (VSWR) mismatch of up to 10:1 in case of any abnormal circumstance.

ICASP3338-20 is an ideal component for small cell and ORAN RU designs with 1 to 2 W output power per antenna port. The compact package measures only 6 × 10 mm2, and is pin-to-pin compatible with all of iCana’s 20 W PA family covering all major 5G frequency bands.

Henrik adds, “The fully-integrated 50 Ohm match at input and output in a small form factor allows our customers to quickly introduce this product into their current and next-generation designs with minimal effort.”

The ICASP3338-20 is ready for sampling and can be ordered directly from iCana or via their distributors.

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