MVG Supports University Antenna Labs with Cutting-Edge Equipment

MVG Supports University Antenna Labs with Cutting-Edge Equipment

The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) offers cutting-edge technologies for the visualization of electromagnetic waves with advanced test solutions for antenna characterization, radar signature evaluation and electromagnetic measurements. MVG wishes to support university researchers and their student's need for equipment that advances their research and propels their drive to innovate. The company has initiated a discount program for research universities working on next-generation wireless technologies.

One of the leading solutions that MVG is providing to universities for improving R&D is StarLab 50 GHz. The MVG StarLab is an all-in-one spherical near-field test system for the characterization of antennas sized up to 45 cm. With its fast and accurate multi-probe scanning technology, compact dimensions, and wide frequency band coverage, it has been a best seller with universities since 2008. The year 2023 is already proving to be promising for multiple universities in the USA that have acquired a new StarLab to support their antenna design & research.

Engineering programs are key for universities in gaining recognition and attracting promising students eager to discover the next big technological breakthrough. With the goal to advance innovation, gain recognition, and attract promising students, university research labs look to obtain tools and equipment that promote these objectives while also being practical, efficient, and cost-effective. Engineering students can also gain practical hands-on experience from working in test labs equipped with real antenna measurement systems, which attracts future employers.

MVG's StarLab 50 GHz

StarLab 50 GHz is made to meet the high-frequency testing challenge. Advancements in technology enabling more broadband, high capacity, and high data rate transmissions have led to the increased necessity for accurate and precise OTA measurements in R&D labs and production lines. This new version delivers unprecedented ultra-fast and accurate test results and provides a future-proof turnkey solution for 5G system development and validation.

In conjunction with WaveStudio-OTA dedicated software, an anechoic chamber and requisite instrumentation, StarLab 50 GHz complies with the standards specified for CTIA certification of wireless devices. Built for efficiency, the StarLab 50 GHz is an all-in-one, turnkey solution and its compact and portable design facilitates flexibility in test lab or production site location and space. Altogether, this advanced technology brings crucial speed and accuracy to the test and validation process of your future 5G device.

MVG CEO, Philippe Garreau, states “MVG’s ambition is to be at the leading edge of what the market needs in terms of 5G testing. By offering flexible test solutions that can be upgraded to serve future needs, we enable our customers to be competitive in the development of new products. Optimization of the test systems to find the best balance between total flexibility of a fully modular system and the efficiency of a single-box solution is a core competency of MVG. This know-how has been proven over many years through the delivery of first-class test systems to the most competitive companies in the world.”

More than 200 universities in the world are using MVG technology in their antenna test labs with 40% of these in the USA. The growing number of universities working to boost innovation and bring the R&D process closer to students enables them to test their designs and prototypes quickly and accurately in-house. Many of these labs have prospered and expanded into new, aspiring technological areas as a result of their equipment investments.

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