Mission-Ready Integrated Solution for Stand Alone Spectrum Surveillance and Mobile Monitoring Operations

Mission-Ready Integrated Solution for Stand Alone Spectrum Surveillance and Mobile Monitoring Operations

CRFS, an innovative developer of RF technology for the defense and security sector, has introduced RFeye Stormcase, a man-portable ruggedized, integrated system designed for easy mobile RF spectrum monitoring, signal collection, and interference hunting. The system continuously monitors, captures, and records mission parameters over a wide operating frequency range from 9 kHz to 18 GHz out in the field ready for the unit’s retrieval and subsequent data analysis. This makes it suitable for non-expert deployment as well as a wide range of field deployable applications, where rugged form factor, portability, and high signal fidelity are essential.

The receiver is built into a tough stormcase and incorporates an RFeye Node 100-8 or 100-18, internal and external antenna ports, high performance standard military rechargeable battery and integrated 512 GB (1 TB option available) SSD memory for high volume data collection during mobile field operations. The key to the RFeye Stormcase is its ability to run in a ‘headless’ mode. This ‘headless’ operation allows signal experts to configure missions in advance either directly connected to the unit or remotely. It requires an AC supply of 90-264 V and consumes less than 65 W of power.

RF Baseline for Tactical Operations

RF spectrum usage may vary significantly from place to place, hour to hour, and even day to day. Therefore it is impossible to establish a realistic signal baseline without long-duration spectrum monitoring. The RFeye Stormcase makes this simple, combining portability with hours or days of measurement capability across a wide bandwidth. This allows signals intelligence (SIGINT) analysts to obtain a reliable estimation of spectrum usage prior to commencing tactical operations (TacOps). It is also ideal for rapid site surveying and collection, even in populated areas.

Tactical Signal Collection

Where fixed monitoring is hard to achieve due to terrain, usage or transient threat, the next best option is drop and go. A single RFeye Stormcase positioned along a border will deliver continuous monitoring and triggered capture of signals in use. When three or more are deployed, you get the added benefit of geolocation to monitor transmitter movement and source.

Vehicle-based SIGINT

Thanks to its compact size and low power requirements, RFeye Stormcase can be deployed in vehicle for SIGINT collection and live analysis. RFeye Stormcase will capture at full rate from 9 kHz up to 8 GHz/18 GHz. Because it can be pre-configured, or remotely operated, signals experts do not need to accompany the vehicle to complete their mission. Furthermore, a single signals expert can operate and interact with multiple units in multiple locations, all in real-time.

Interference hunting Strategy

Identifying transient signals which cause interference is a difficult task. The ability to deploy RFeye Stormcase for temporary continuous monitoring means the next time the interference occurs, you can identify the source instantly and prosecute as required. No manned direction finding required. The same system can then be re-deployed to a new site for a new mission.

Search & Rescue

In emergency scenarios, the ability to deliver intelligence quickly and flexibly can mean the difference between life and death. Hunting for energy in desolate environments, post-avalanche or earthquake can help you find signs of life quickly and accurately over large areas.

Networked Solutions

RFeye Stormcases can also be deployed as rugged and portable networked nodes as part of RFeye solutions for counter UAV (RFeye DroneDefense), passive aircraft tracking (RFeye AirDefense) and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (RFeye Guard) deployments.

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