Aerostar UAV Now Conducts RF Signal Detection, Capture and Geolocation Using CRFS’ RFeye Ecosystem

Aerostar UAV Now Conducts RF Signal Detection, Capture and Geolocation Using CRFS’ RFeye Ecosystem

CRFS has announced the successful integration of its RF technology as a sensor option within the Aeronautics Aerostar UAV range. Aeronautics has already deployed its first operational systems with a European client and will subsequently offer this enhanced capability to existing and future customers.

With more than 250,000 operational hours over 20 years, the Aerostar is widely recognized as a leader in reliable, cost-effective, multi-mission operations. With the ability to integrate a wide range of potential sponsors, Aerostar is unique in the range of payloads that can be integrated to accommodate specific customer needs. On behalf of a European-based client, Aeronautics approached CRFS to enhance a SIGINT or ELINT capability by integrating CRFS’ cutting-edge RFeye technology for RF signal detection, capture, and geolocation missions across a wideband spectrum range (10 MHz to 18 GHz).

Spectrum dominance is a key strategic thrust for many clients. RFeye technology presents cutting-edge RF performance and a range of key capabilities, all in an easy-to-deploy, small SWaP and IP67 form factor. Leveraging a network of RFeye receivers offers the unrivaled capability to engage in spectrum dominance across the theater by enabling a range of detection, capture, and geolocation capabilities against a wide range of threat vectors. By successfully deploying RFeye technology as a payload on a platform such as the Aerostar, the simple gain is a massive enhancement in signal collection radius, resulting in unprecedented operational range gains and enabling new concepts of operation. The small form factor, low power consumption, and low bandwidth requirements of the RFeye receiver lend themselves specifically to the development of suitable payloads with no compromise on RF performance.

“We are delighted to accommodate this client and leverage the Aerostar UAV platform to deliver a significant SIGINT or ELINT advantage as they requested. CRFS is a recognized RF technology leader, and we were only too pleased to co-engineer a solution to integrate RFeye sensors as a payload through our flagship Aerostar platform for this and other potential military or government agency customers”.

Gilad Landsberg, Vice President and Head of the Tactical & MALE UAS Division at Aeronautics.

“CRFS is extremely proud to support Aeronautics and of the capability enhancement that has been delivered to this specific client. CRFS and Aeronautics share a common philosophy in terms of customer co-engineering in order to deliver multi-purpose solutions with cost-effective and highly reliable technology. It has been a pleasure to work alongside the Aeronautics engineering team and help to ensure a seamless integration.”

Pio Szyjanowicz, COO at CRFS.

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