Quectel to Bolster its IoT Manufacturing Capabilities with New Facility in Changzhou, China

Quectel to Bolster its IoT Manufacturing Capabilities with New Facility in Changzhou, China

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, has announced breaking ground for its new innovation headquarters in Shanghai and also recently celebrated a significant milestone with the opening of its new Global Intelligent Manufacturing Center (GIMC) in Changzhou.

Delivering advanced IoT automation, the new GIMC facility features a fully functioning manufacturing production line that combines latest technologies, including edge intelligence, machine learning, robotics and machine vision solutions built with Quectel’s latest smart module technologies which significantly expands manufacturing capabilities to guarantee supply and reassure product quality for global customers. Designed and developed by a group of its own IoT experts, this state-of-the art IoT manufacturing center is equipped with the most advanced industrial automation technologies including:

  1. Fully automated warehouse storage system with 65,000 material cubicles, which can support 40 SMT lines material supply and operate 7x24 based on real-time work-orders. 
  2. End-to-end touchless process with Automatic Guided Vehicles to transport raw material to production lines, hand-over semi-products from SMT for testing and final packing with minimal manpower. 
  3. 30 Fuji NXT-III SMT lines with Siemens MES monitoring system supporting production of up to 150 million modules per year. 
  4. 85 Quectel Self Design Automatic Testing Stations with full testing log files onto each module produced. 
  5. 40 Quectel Self Design Auto Inspection and Packing Systems. 

The GIMC project started construction in September 2021 and will commence operation in 2023. The smart factory will further enhance Quectel’s production capabilities, strengthening its core competitiveness. The center occupies an area of 72,000 square meters, with a total construction space of 160,000 square meters. It is capable of manufacturing Quectel’s full range of modules, including 4G modules, 5G modules, smart modules, automotive grade modules, narrowband IoT modules, GNSS modules, Wi-Fi modules and antennas

“Our new smart factory represents an important step toward the next generation of smart manufacturing and will guarantee both our product quality and production capacity, sufficient to meet various demanding requirements of our global customers,” said Patrick Qian, CEO of Quectel. “Applying IoT innovation to our own processes -- will not only help us enhance our industry leading quality -- it will also accelerate the expansion of the global IoT market and be a catalyst for the entire IoT ecosystem."

“The new headquarter is designed to provide a modern, smart environment that makes it attractive for the best people to work, excel and innovate and that exceeds the highest standards in sustainability, health and wellness,” Mr. Qian continued.” It will host Quectel’s R&D center and IoT innovation showroom and will bring together some of the world’s greatest engineers and IoT leaders to accelerate innovation and drive the future of IoT”. The new headquarter of approximately 100,000 square meters will serve as a central hub for administrative and research and development functions but will also offer a wide range of amenities including sports facilities, conference spaces, outdoor gardens, catering services, and ample parking facilities. The company plans to officially inaugurate and begin operations at the new headquarters in 2025.

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