Upcoming Course: Learn How to Integrate AirFuel RF Wireless Charging Technology in to Products

Upcoming Course: Learn How to Integrate AirFuel RF Wireless Charging Technology in to Products

AirFuel™ Alliance, a global standards organization, working to advance next-generation wireless power technology and standards, has announced upcoming learning opportunities for engineering professionals interested in deploying AirFuel RF, the new global interoperable standard for RF wireless power transfer, in products.

AirFuel™ RF uses Radio Frequency waves to transfer energy wirelessly from a few centimeters up to a few meters, enabling charging and powering of multiple devices simultaneously within a three dimensional range. RF wireless power technology eliminates the need for wires and the hassle and e-waste associated with batteries. It is ideal for integration into small devices, such as electronic shelf labels, wearables and IoT sensors.

The first training workshop for AirFuel RF will be hosted at IEEE Wireless Power Technology Conference & Expo (WPTCE), the largest event in the world for wireless power research and industry engagement. WPTCE 2023 will be held in San Diego, California from June 4th-8th.

For engineers and product designers, there will be a half day training program on AirFuel™ RF technology to learn how to integrate AirFuel RF wireless power technology in their products.

Time and Venue of the First Event

Date: Thursday, June 8th

Time: 1-5 pm

Location: Westin Bayview in Downtown San Diego, CA

Closely following the Sensors Converge conference in Santa Clara, California from June 20-22, AirFuel will host a second educational opportunity for AirFuel RF - a full day AirFuel Certified Engineer (ACE) course. This training is designed for product managers and engineers looking to build with RF wireless power and fast-track product development.

Time and Venue of the Second Event

Date: Friday, June 23rd

Time: 9-5 pm

Location: Hosted onsite at Energous headquarters in Silicon Valley

Click here to register for the Airfuel Certified Engineer Course from Airfuel Alliance.

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