Empower RF to Showcase its Latest High-Power Amplifiers Based on Cutting Edge Technology at IMS 2023

Empower RF to Showcase its Latest High-Power Amplifiers Based on Cutting Edge Technology at IMS 2023

Empower RF, a prominent supplier of high-power RF and microwave amplifiers, will be participating in the upcoming International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023 from June 13 to 15. Their exhibition will feature a diverse range of cutting-edge products, including the Ultra Broadband RF Amplifier, 4KW S Band SSPA for Satcom Uplink, X Band Radar Module, S Band 120kW Pulse Transmitter, and 1kW X Band Pulsed SSPA. This event offers an excellent opportunity to explore Empower RF's latest advancements in high-power amplification technology. Don't miss the chance to witness their impressive product lineup at IMS 2023.

Ultra Broadband RF Amplifier in a 3U Chassis

The Empower RF Model 2198 is an ultra-broadband RF amplifier in a compact 3U chassis, suitable for lab and production line tests. It offers user-selectable modulation and power output modes, simplifying test setups with selectable AGC and ALC modes. The amplifier comes with a built-in browser GUI, eliminating the need for software installation on a PC or LAN. It improves productivity in both benchtop testing and integrated equipment racks with automated test functions. The 2198 is a popular choice for semiconductor and microwave component testing, supporting both CW and pulsed applications. It covers a wide frequency range of 20 MHz to 6000 MHz in a three-band configuration. Band selection can be done through the front panel LCD, a peer or LAN connected PC via the browser GUI, or via SCPI ASCII commands over Ethernet or a serial port.

4KW S Band SSPA for Satcom Uplink

Empower's model 2176 is a compact high-power GaN on SiC solid-state CW amplifier, standing at 27 inches tall and being half the size of typical legacy uplink HPAs. It offers flexibility to transmit on either of the two uplink channels due to its slightly broader band. The upgrade to Empower's next-generation SSPA brings increased reliability, improved spectral purity, and higher data rates. The 2176 is based on Empower's proven Next Generation architecture, deployed in various critical DOD missions. It includes an internal directional coupler, external sample ports, and a user-friendly web GUI. Health monitoring with alarms is accessible through the LAN port, and output modes like MGC, AGC, and ALC provide integration flexibility. Additionally, it offers "Graceful Output Power Degradation" for safe operation during component failure or excessive load VSWR conditions.

X Band Radar Module for Longer Range

Empower RF 1222 is a high-performance X-band pulsed module for portable and long-range radar applications. Covering the 9 to 10 GHz frequency range, it delivers over 250 W peak power in a compact form with pulse widths up to 500 µsec and 20% duty cycles. The module utilizes 48V GaN on SiC devices, ensuring lightweight construction, high reliability, and ruggedness. Its fast enable/disable time is less than 250 ns, and gain settings can be configured digitally or analogously.

S Band 120kW Pulse Transmitter for Radar, Test, and DE

Empower RF Systems excels in high-power solid-state COTS amplifiers. The Model 2236 is a liquid-cooled powerhouse, combining the output of two six-foot cabinets, each housing sixteen 2U power amplifiers. Its modular design allows for lower- or higher power versions. Operating from 2800 to 3500MHz, it offers flexible pulse handling with duty cycles up to 20%, pulse widths from 200ns to 500µs, and PRFs up to 500kHz.

The 2236 provides a lower total cost of ownership and higher availability compared to TWTs and legacy solid-state systems. The transmitter features a 3U 19-inch rack unit as the system controller, along with thirty-two 2U 19-inch rack amplifier drawers, each with an integrated power supply. There's no separate system-level power supply, eliminating the risk of complete amplifier failure. In the event of module or drawer failure, only a fractional reduction in output power occurs, keeping the system operational. Fast Field Replaceable (FFR) design allows for quick drawer maintenance, with hot swapping or muted swapping in under 15 minutes. The system boasts an extreme effective MTBF and offers a droop correction option. 

1kW X Band Pulsed SSPA for Extending Radar Range

Empower RF model 2241 is a GaN solid-state PA pulse emitter designed for new radar applications where portability and extended range are key requirements. Across the operating band of 9 to 10 GHz, the model 2241 provides over 1000 watts of peak power in a compact 3U chassis. Flexible waveform handling is a key feature. The 2241 is capable of long pulses, high duty cycles, and a derated long pulse mode. The unit is controlled through the front panel touch screen, M2M SCPI, peer/LAN-connected PC, and web browser, with no software to install. 

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