Versatile High-Performance Test Cables for Accurate and Reliable Measurements up to 110 GHz

Versatile High-Performance Test Cables for Accurate and Reliable Measurements up to 110 GHz

SLK is a company that focuses on the design and development of interconnection products. The company was founded in 2008 and has been recognized for its quality by many customers and established long-term strategic partners with many top fortune 500 enterprises globally.

SLK’s Superlink Series High-Performance Test Cable is designed for precise and repeatable measurement test scenarios in laboratory and microwave anechoic chamber testing environments. With its unique overall design, the SPC Series offers unparalleled consistency in phase and amplitude stability, as well as cable components. Users can expect a durable and lightweight cable that delivers reliable performance, accompanied by an extended service life, reducing equipment downtime and slashing test costs. To ensure optimal connectivity, the cable joint can be safeguarded using heat-shrinkable tubes, over-molding, and rugged construction, guaranteeing a seamless integration between the cable and connector. Furthermore, the cable is available in an armored structure capable of withstanding compression and torsion, effectively safeguarding against potential damage beyond the cable's minimum bending radius.

SLK's SPC Series of High-Performance Test Cables offer a range of exceptional features and find applications across various industries. These features include multiple frequency options such as 26.5 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz, 67 GHz, and 110 GHz, ensuring versatile performance. With low VSWR and insertion loss, these cables guarantee superior signal quality. They also exhibit phase consistency and stable amplitude, enabling accurate and reliable measurements. The cables excel in delivering consistent results even with repeated measurements. They offer a wide selection of interface configurations to meet diverse customer requirements. Moreover, they boast an impressive service life of 10,000 cycles and provide excellent torque, crush resistance, and abrasion resistance. Additionally, these cables operate across a wide temperature range and exhibit high connector pull strength.

The SPC high-performance Test Cables find applications in various test and measurement scenarios, including testing in laboratories, 5G test and interconnection setups, microwave anechoic chambers, wireless telecommunication module testing, high-speed digital testing, electromagnetic compliance testing, and repetitive production testing.

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