Trending Cables & Connectors in 2023: July Edition

Trending Cables & Connectors in 2023: July Edition

RF interconnect solutions that include connectors, cables and adapters are used to transmit RF signals between devices such as antennas, transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, and other RF components. RF connectors are typically used with coaxial cables or connected to the PCB board or component. everything RF has compiled a list of cable & connector products that are new and trending on everything RF in July. Visit the Connectors & Cables Hub on everything RF to keep up to date with new products, news, whitepapers, webinars, and events.

Conformable RG405 Cables with SMA Connectors from DC to 26.5 GHz

The HA141C Series from HASCO are Conformable RG405 Cables that operate from DC to 26.5 GHz. They have a diameter of 0.141 inches with a dielectric withstanding voltage of up to 500 V and a VSWR of 1.35:1. The HA141C series use an RG402 Tin-Braid Conformable coax manufactured by HASCO Components and are terminated with SMA connectors. These 50-ohm cables have a gold-plated BeCu center conductor and body with PTFE insulator. These cable assemblies allow for easy hand forming to fit almost any application - without quality degradation. The HA141C Tin braid protects the cable while maintaining its shape, making it the perfect cable assembly for tight spaces. Read more

Phase-Stable and Flexible Cable Assemblies from DC to 26.5 GHz

The StabilityFlex™ from Maury Microwaves are Phase-Stable Cable Assemblies that operate from DC to 26.5 GHz. They are available in 24", 36", 48", and 60" lengths (custom lengths available) with N-type or SMA connectors. These ultra-flexible cable assemblies have a phase stability vs flexure of ±4°, amplitude stability vs flexure of ±0.05 dB, and provide shielding of more than 100 dB. They have an insertion loss of less than 0.60 dB/ft (cable only) and a velocity of propagation of 74%. The cable assemblies are ideal for reliable and repeatable measurements when mated with test instruments including bench-top testing systems and ATE. Read more

33 GHz, 6/12-Inch Flexible Cable Assemblies

The SuperFlex Ø.047 Series from SV Microwave are Cable Assemblies that operate up to 33 GHz. They are available with SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm, and SMPx coaxial interfaces in 6” and 12” lengths with options for custom and standard configurations. These highly flexible assemblies have an inside bend radius of 0.625 inches and can withstand extreme bends to fit in the smallest of spaces to ensure excellent performance after repeated usage. They exhibit low solder wicking for high flexibility behind the cable ferrule. Read more

Rugged Flexible Test Cable from 300 MHz to 110 GHz

The TM70 (RF Orange®) from MegaPhase is a Flexible Test Cable that operates from 300 MHz to 110 GHz. It is a rugged, armored test cable that exhibits excellent VSWR, phase, and amplitude stability with flexure and temperature. This cable is designed to provide a long service life with repeatable performance throughout the life cycle of the cable. It has an outer diameter of 0.285 inches and a minimum bend radius (static) of 1.5 inches. The cable has a solid Ag-plated Cu inner and outer conductor, foamed FEP dielectric, and polyolefin-over-metallic braid finish. Read more

Multi-RF Compatible FPC-to-Board Connector from DC to 20 GHz

The BM56 Series from Hirose Electric is a Multi-RF Compatible FPC-to-Board Connector for frequencies from DC to 20 GHz. It has a contact pitch of 0.35 mm, a mounting pitch of 0.35 mm, a stacking height of 0.6 mm, and a width of 2.2 mm. This connector has a current rating of 1 A and a voltage rating of 30 V (AC/DC). It has a contact design that is ideal for both digital and RF signals and provides double shielding to enhance EMI prevention. The connector is available in a surface-mount package with gold contact plating and can withstand 10 mating/unmating cycles. Read more

Coaxial RF Connector from DC to 15 GHz for 5G Applications

The MHF 7S from I-PEX is a Coaxial RF Connector that operates from DC to 15 GHz. It utilizes a unique ZenShield® shielded design that reduces unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) found in 5G mmWave applications. This connector has an industry-first stripline terminated signal pin inside the receptacle ground contact. It offers excellent electrical performance in a small footprint. This 50-ohm connector has a 20980-001R-13 plug and a 20981-001E-02 receptacle. Read more

Ganged, Multi-Position SMPM Cable Assembly from DC to 50 GHz

The Magnum RFTM GC47 from Samtec is a Ganged, Multi-Position SMPM Cable Assembly that operates from DC to 50 GHz. It has 0.047-inch low-loss, flexible cables with a minimum bend radius of 5.0 mm, a dielectric withstanding voltage of more than 325 V (RMS), and a VSWR of less than 2:1. This cable assembly has a   space-saving, high-density design with a push-on interface that enables quick installation. It can be mated with GPPC series of board-level connectors and supports both ganged and discrete industry-standard RF connectors at one end of the cable assembly. Read more

1x8/2x8 Ganged Cable Assembly from DC to 90 GHz with MXPM/1.0 mm Interfaces

The MXPM90 from HUBER+SUHNER is a 1x8/2x8 Ganged Cable Assembly that operates from DC to 90 GHz (E-Band). The connectors have a 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) pitch centre-to-centre and a magnetic locking mechanism making it easier to make the connections. The assembly uses the thin, highly flexible and ultra-stable Multiflex 53-02 microwave cable that measures 102 mm (4 inches) or 152 mm (6 inches) in length. They have standard phase matching of +/- 1 ps. This cable assembly has MXPM and PC 1.0 mm connector interfaces which can withstand 500 mating cycles. Read more

Triaxial Cable with 3-Layers of Shielding from DC to 10 GHz

The RG403 from IntelliConnect is a Triaxial Cable that operates from DC to 10 GHz. It has a silver-coated copper-clad steel conductor with a diameter of 0.012 inches and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric with a diameter of 0.033 inches. Triaxial cables were developed primarily to reduce noise levels in systems along with providing an isolated ground. This 50-ohm cable has a propagation velocity of 69.5% and a capacitance of 29.4 pF/ft. It has a 3-layered shielding that includes 38 AWG silver-coated copper braid shields covered with fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) jacket and another 38 AWG silver-coated copper braid shields. Read more

4.3-10 (Male) Screw to NEX10 (Female) Adapter from DC to 6 GHz

The 432069 from Spinner is a 4.3-10 (male) Screw to NEX10 (female) Adapter that operates from DC to 6 GHz. It has a copper-alloy/silver-plated inner conductor, copper-alloy/CuSnZn-plated outer conductor, and PTFE insulation. This adapter has a VSWR of less than 1.12:1 and an intermodulation (IM3) of -165 dBc. It has an IP68 protection level and silicone rubber sealing. Read more

1.85 mm Coaxial Connectors in Various Mounting Options

The 148-0701-XXX Series from Cinch Connectivity Solutions are 1.85 mm Coaxial Connectors that operate up to 67 GHz. These 50-ohm connectors are available in end launch, low profile, vertical launch, PCB mount and 2/4-hole flange mount configurations. They have a dielectric withstanding voltage of 500 V (RMS) and an operating temperature range from -55°C to +125° C. Read more

2.4 mm Field Replaceable RF Connectors from DC to 50 GHz

The 4206 Series from San-tron are 2.4 mm Field Replaceable RF Connectors that operate from DC to 50 GHz. They can withstand a dielectric voltage of 500 VRMS and have a VSWR of less than 1.20:1. These connectors are available in 3/8 and 1/2-inch square, 2-hole 0.550” flange and 2-hole 0.625” flange configurations for 0.009” and 0.012” launch pin diameters. Other mounting options are available upon request.  Read more

Shock/Vibration Resistant Cable Assemblies with MHF Receptacles

The MHF® Series from Molex are Cable Assemblies with standard MHF receptacles and Molex RF connector interfaces. They utilize a patented locking mechanism for reliable and secure rugged RF applications in environments with continuous shock and vibration. These cable assemblies are available with 1.13, 1.32- and 1.37-mm cable-type options. Read more

50 GHz Flexible Cable Assemblies that can Bend Right Behind the Connector

The InstaBend® Series from Times Microwave Systems are flexible, coaxial microwave assemblies designed for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules and enclosure panels. They can be bent very closely behind the connector, simplifying cable routing. They operate up to 50 GHz, have an overall diameter of up to 4.14 mm and a minimum bend radius of less than 3.3 mm. Read more

Vertical Launch PCB Connectors from DC to 110 GHz

The Vertical Launch Connectors from Withwave operate from DC to 110 GHz. These 50-ohm connectors are available in SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm, and 1.0 mm options. They provide excellent electrical and vertical transition performance over the entire operating frequency range. The connectors can be easily installed on the designed PCB substrate without the need for soldering, which greatly saves installation time. Read more

90 GHz High-Density Cable Assembly for 224 Gbps PAM4 Applications

The Bulls Eye® BE90A from Samtec is a Test Cable Assembly that operates up to 90 GHz. It utilizes a high-density, space-saving design that enables smaller evaluation boards and shorter trace lengths in test and measurement applications. This cable assembly uses cables with an outer diameter of 0.047 inches with optional single-row or double-row configuration for up to 16 positions. It is based on a solderless, compression-mount design that improves cost and makes it easy to use within a lab setting. Read more

50 GHz Low-Loss Ruggedized Cable Assembly with Armoring Option

The dB Miser™ 130 from Teledyne Storm Microwave is a Cable Assembly that operates up to 50 GHz. It has a diameter of 3.23 mm and a minimum bend radius of 15.9 mm (static) and 31.8 mm (dynamic). This cable assembly has increased thermal stability, reduced leakage, and meets the challenging system gain or signal-to-noise requirements. It provides a shielding effectiveness of more than 90 dB, exhibits an attenuation of less than 0.959 dB/ft, and has a VSWR of 1.35:1. Read more

SMA-Male Armoured Phase-Stable Test Cable from DC to 26 GHz

The eP7105R from evissaP is Phase-Stable Test Cable that operates from DC to 26 GHz. It has SMA-male connectors on both ends and is available in lengths up to 84 inches (more than 84 inches also available on request). This flexible armored cable uses a Sucoflex 101EA cable or equivalent (armored SF101 or Sucoflex 101). It has a VSWR of less than 1.25:1, a phase stability (vs flexure) of ±3°, and an amplitude stability (vs flexure) of less than 0.05 dB. Read more

IP67-Rated ¼-inch Flexible Quick Jumper Assembly for Multiple Ports

The CELLFLEX® from Radio Frequency Systems is an MQX (Multiple Ports Quick Connector) Jumper Assembly. It features highly flexible ¼-inch multiple-stranded coaxial cables with a bend radius of 25 mm and has a black polyethylene jacket (fire retardant option also available). This jumper has a VSWR of less than 1.35:1 and a 3rd-order intermodulation of better than -155 dBc. It is IP67-rated and uses a unique design that facilitates fast installation and deployment. Read more

6 GHz Flexible Low-Loss RF Cables

The SPUMA 600 from HUBER+SUHNER is a Flexible RF Cable that operates up to 6 GHz. These highly flexible cables have been developed using rotary swaging technology and provide easy handling and installation due to their flexibility. They provide low loss with halogen-free materials, shielding, and VSWR optimization. These cables are an alternative to LMR coaxial cables and ensure a low signal loss. They provide a screening effectiveness of more than 90 dB, have an outer diameter of 14.99 mm, and a minimum bend radius of 38 mm (static). Read more

12.4 GHz RG-174/RG-316 Replacement RF Cables with SMA Connectors

The LMR-100A from Amphenol RF are RF Cables that operate up to 12.4 GHz. They have SMA connectors that have a threaded coupling mechanism to establish a secure and reliable connection with low signal loss. These cables have an outer diameter of 0.110 inches and a minimum bend radius of 0.25 inches. They can easily replace RG-174 and RG-316 in wireless communication systems that require an easily routed low-loss RF cable. Read more

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