CML Microsystems Acquires Microwave Technology, Inc.

CML Microsystems Acquires Microwave Technology, Inc.

CML Micro, a global provider of communication semiconductors, has completed the acquisition of Microwave Technology, Inc. (MwT), a distinguished compound semiconductor company headquartered in Silicon Valley. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in CML Micro's strategic growth and product development.

Founded in 1982, MwT has been at the forefront of semiconductor technology, specializing in GaAs and GaN-based MMICs, Discrete Devices, and Hybrid Amplifier Products. Their contributions span across a wide spectrum of industries, including commercial wireless communications, defense, space, and medical applications, solidifying their reputation as an industry leader.

Explaining the acquisition Mark McCabe, CML Micro’s Managing Director said: ‘CML Micro eagerly welcomes MwT into the group with enthusiasm and anticipation. With MwT's rich history in high-frequency compound semiconductor technologies, CML Micro will gain an even more comprehensive product portfolio, poised to meet the evolving needs of our diverse markets. The acquisition strengthens CML Micro's research and development capabilities, enabling innovation and technological advancements that will drive future growth.’  He added ‘MwT brings with it a wealth of knowledge and experience in mmWave technologies which will further CML Micro's own leadership in this domain.’

Strategically, this acquisition positions CML Micro to capitalize on emerging "mega-trend" opportunities in the global communications industry and provides tremendous potential in expanding the market share of MwT's exceptional products by leveraging the CML Micro global sales and distribution network.

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