SV Microwave Introduces Reflow Stable PCB Connectors with Glass Seal Capability

SV Microwave Introduces Reflow Stable PCB Connectors with Glass Seal Capability

SV Microwave, a designer and manufacturer of RF connectors, cable assemblies and passive components, has developed a suite of reflow-stable PCB connectors that feature either a glass or epoxy seal as the dielectric material. PCB connectors with glass material as the dielectric are popular in board solutions because of their ability to survive reflow and withstand temperatures up to 500°C. Traditional PCB connectors that use PTFE as the dielectric material often do not survive the high temperatures found in reflow and, as a result, warp, tilt, and pop off the board.

Key Features and Benefits of Reflow-Stable PCB Connectors

  1. Pre-tinned finishes available
  2. Survive high-temp as found in reflow options
  3. Custom and COTS configurations
  4. Support SMP, SMPM and SMPS series
  5. Fast lead times
  6. Single, 2-port, 4-port, 6-port and 8-port configurations supported

The glass or epoxy-based PCB connectors exhibit minimal change in volume with respect to temperature compared to connectors that use PTFE as the dielectric material, which deforms and expands, causing the components to tilt or otherwise compromise the expected electrical performance and attachment reliability. This design ensures that engineers can avoid deformation of printed circuit board (PCB) connectors during reflow soldering conducted at temperatures beyond the melting point used to fix the connector onto the board.

These connector solutions are ideal for PCB applications, Radar sub-assembly systems and Board-to-board solutions. SV Microwave's manufacturing teams are able to support the production of glass-seal PCB connectors through either COTS (Custom Off-The-Shelf) products or through customized orders. Their flexible and agile team can support both high and low volume orders.

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