Qorvo Announces Innovative Single-Chip Solution to Simplify DOCSIS® 4.0 CATV Network Upgrades

Qorvo Announces Innovative Single-Chip Solution to Simplify DOCSIS® 4.0 CATV Network Upgrades

Qorvo, a leading global provider of connectivity and power solutions, announced the industry’s first single-chip variable inverse cable equalizer. This groundbreaking IC is designed specifically for CATV application developers seeking to upgrade their networks to the advanced DOCSIS 4.0 standard. DOCSIS 4.0 technology enables the next generation of broadband over cable’s hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks, delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds while supporting high reliability, high security and low latency.

The new QPC7330 streamlines the field installation process by eliminating the need for “plug-ins” or complicated circuitry to implement the input cable simulator function. Qorvo’s QPC7330 can be programmed via I2C which enables it to become part of the automated set-up routine. This leads to significant cost savings by reducing installation time and eliminates the need for extra accessories to be carried and inventoried by the technician. With its innovative design, the QPC7330 offers a stable, repeatable and adjustable solution, significantly simplifying operations and lowering labor costs associated with complex setups.

Bob Simmers, senior marketing manager for Qorvo’s Infrastructure business, said “The QPC7330 offers customers the simplest variable inverse cable equalizer solution for upgrading their CATV designs to DOCSIS 4.0. By replacing alternatives that require fixed values switched or unwieldy combinations of attenuators and standard equalizers, Qorvo provides a more elegant, efficient and cost-effective choice.”

Key Features of the QPC7330

  • Simplified installation: Includes a low-loss switched bypass mode, allowing installation in every line extender and system amplifier, adaptable for use as required.
  • Innovative single-chip design: Integrates all equalizer functions into a compact 10x14 mm laminate over mold module.
  • Versatility: Features a 75 Ohm I2C-controlled 25 state system that simulates the loss of various lengths of coax cable, with states ranging from 1dB through 24 dB of tilt, measured from 108 to 1794 MHz.

The QPC7330 is sampling now with production quantities available August 2024. Click here to learn more about this product.

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