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The SMP3 from Wavecontrol is a 3-in-1 Electromagnetic Field Strength Meter. It can perform static field measurements, real-time FFT-based spectrum analysis from DC to 10 MHz, and broadband measurements from DC to 60 GHz. This field meter provides advanced features and technology on the market and is designed for users who need high-quality measurements, ease of use, and good reporting tools. It complies with various EMF low-frequency exposure standards, such as the ICNIRP 2010, Directive 2013/35/EU, and IEEE C95-1. The field meter is capable for performing Weighted Peak Method (WPM) for automatic and real-time comparison with limits. It measures the total field value and value for each component (X, Y, Z) and displays results in RMS and peak values along with maximum, minimum, and average values.

The SMP3 includes a special auto-gain function for peak detection (indispensable for procedures such as welding). It can provide a digital output of the signal and supports USB-C/fiber optic for faster download speed. This field meter has a 480 x 272 pixels TFT display and an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery. It ensures full compliance with automotive standards with the SMP3 Streamer software. The field strength meter is available in a handheld housing that measures 100 x 215 x 40 mm and weighs 635 grams. It is suitable for use in 5G, industrial, railway, medical, labs, aeronautical, defense, and automotive applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    5G-Ready Handheld 3-in-1 Electromagnetic Field Strength Meter

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Field
    Electric and Magnetic Field
  • Frequency
    1 Hz - 10 MHz / DC - 1 GHz / 100 kHz - 60 GHz
  • Display Type
    Color transmissive TFT (480 x 272 pixels)
  • Application
    Industrial, Telecommunications, Energy, Railway, Medical, Labs, Aeronautical, Worker’s safety, Defense, Automotive
  • Temperature
    -10 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Dimensions
    100 x 215 x 40 mm (3.9 x 8.4 x 1.5 “)
  • Weight
    Broadband: 560 g (19.7 oz), Selective: 635 g (22.4 oz), Dual: 635 g (22.4 oz)
  • Note
    Versions: Broadband / Selective / Dual

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